Tuesday, September 13, 2005

From Anni

Here are some of my thoughts on the subject so far:

To consume is an essential part of life. Things we own are all bits of information about who we are. And maybe even more so they tell the story about who we wish to be. I think it's interesting how consuming and building your own self seems to be two sides of the same thing(?) as we define our selves by the objects we surround us with. Sometimes we consume to embody dreams...

I love shopping. And I love to create new things. This is not entirely uncomplicated though, because I don’t want to be an irresponsible shopper/creator.
Also I think it is interesting how shopping gives me bad consious sometimes, if I bought something entierly 'unnecessary'. (And my art could ofcourse be considered unnecessary by those who aren't at all interested in art jewellery.)
I try to get rid of things I really don't need, like shoes I never use and so on, but somehow there is always more unneeded things to give up. I love to save/collect things, but strangely I also get very elated when I finally throw/give things away...
Where am I going with all these shoes?

This is how I’m going to go on with this project: “To dig where I stand”.
My mother died in December. When going through all her belongings it struck me how many things we keep, that have absolutely no value for anybody else… I think it’s sometimes hard to get rid of “junk” because things inhabit memories. My first thought was to go to the flee-market and find some deserted memories to work with, but I decided to go for the memory-filled things in my own home instead.
I don’t need my mothers used shoes or worn out sweaters. I don’t want to wear them, but I just don’t want to give them away either. I will use them for making jewellery.
I'll start with this dress:

My mother used this dress whenever there was some important event.

...to be continued. /Anni


paula lindblom said...

Nice to take part of your thoughts.
I think just the same way...But I think that I´m not a overconsumer, Hm?! When I look in my wardrobe or in boxes etc. I realize that I´m a OVERconsumer! When I´m in fleamarkets I see myself as a saver, I save other peoples memorys and with my fantasy I create new stories about the things, I buy them for "no" many at all and I feel very satisfied to buy and save this things... But in this project I will "kill my darlings", I will put the things in a new context, create jewellerys with all this and mixed things togheter... I really don´t know how to do it jet... But I´m thinking and thinging and in the end I hope I have kill my darlings...orderly!

Pernille said...

I think the link between consuming and memories is really inspiring. Do we also consume in order not only to create ourselves, as you mentioned at one point Anni, but also to recreate? Feelings? Sensations? Menmories?

Anni Jonsson said...

No you started my head spinning Pernille! Nice.