Friday, September 09, 2005

From Pernille

Hi everyone

Hope you are all well. I have finally started working on the consumer project, after a hectic spring and avery relaxing summer.

When I started out I found that I had lots of questions about our project.

1. We are all consumers as we have to consume in order to live, eat and stay warm. So is this a project on overconsuming? Effets of consuming? How we consume? Why? etc

2. What is my relationship to this project as I am both a consumer and a producer of things?

3. Was there an intention with the project when we started out? I.e. are we working with recykel jewellary?

My starting point has been 'Maslow's pyramide on needs' (?, finding I don't have the words to explaine in english). As it has been much used in advertising as a tool of analysing the consumer. Some of our basic needs, he says, are things like food/norishment, shelter/feeling safe, relationships/status/indentity. So I worked with a adult female consumer, a male adult consumer and a child consumer. And that overconsuming is a way of padding ourselves from some of this feelings.

Another angel has been that we are still hunters and gatheres....?

And then I did some very rough models...... I haven't decided which way I am taking, but these are some of my thoughts and pictures and models on our subject.

Lots of love and hope you are all well and happy.


Anni Jonsson said...

Good questions!
I believe Paula has a clear idé of what this project is about for her (?). Tell us Paula! (Probably all of us has our own interpretation on the subject... this will be interesting to read about, I think)

Maslow's pyramide wasn't familiar to me. I think it's interesting with the relation between consuming and definding our selfs.

Nice to see your models! I want to know more about your thoughts! Why the look like they do and so on... I'm interested in knowing how you worked with your female, male and child consumer? How have you been thinking?
Do you know what way to go now?

I do know a few gatherers, by the way!
all the best/Anni

paula lindblom said...

I´m also interesting to know about the thougts. My point of wiev in this project is that everyone can do what they want with the subject; the consumer society...
To work with garbages, recycling materials, flea market stuff aso.
(If we live as over consumer or...)
To find our own way in this project and share it with the others... Keep on working!
Send this blog to other jewellery artist and other people to.

Pernille said...

Hi Anni
Yes, quite a few gatherers around. I defined/choose different 'consumer carictaristics' for the child (safty, company etc) the woman (her sex, food, nurishment) the man (status)They are just guidelines to work along. So that I have different starting points for materials etc. The yellow teddybearthing was very much child. Will work some more with that.