Friday, September 09, 2005

Welcome! (+ What & who?)

I hope this will work to get a grip on what's going on with everybodys work!
I took the liberty to post some of your e-mails, just to get started. (If you klick on the photos they'll enlarge.)

If you know of links that you like to have on the blog, please tell me!

Keep on posting!

This was Paulas first mail about the project:

An on-line project
about the consumer society
started in February 2005
on initiative of Paula Lindblom

An on - line project with participants from different places around the world.
The project will end up with exhibitions in all the different cities where participants live, everyone that take part in this project have accepted to arrange for an exhibition, to contact galleries or find alternative exhibition situations or places.
It is not necessary to show the result of the project in a gallery, it might as well be at any empty premises in the town where the participant live.
There will not be as many exhibitions as there are participants since several participants lives in the same
country/city. ...Perhaps there will be exhibitions in other countries/cities as well, besides the participants home countries. And a publication where the participants get disposal of two pages each, photo and text.

Main theme: consumer society.
Sub title and working method:
To work with recycled materials, garbage, flea market stuff. To document the work and the progress and to have contact with the others via internet for discussion, reasoning, constructive critic/response on each others work through text and photo.


We who joined this project:

Paula Lindblom
Jewellery artist M.F.A
Born: 27 July 1966 in Sundsvall, Sweden

Oljekvarnsgatan 7 b
414 65 Gothenburg
phn +46 709 186937

Pernille Mouritzen
Grafic designer. 1989. Student at the Institute of Precious Metals
Born: 19 June 1962 in Denmark

Dronningensgade 13, 2
1420 København K

Anni Jonsson

Jewellery artist, MFA
Born: 27 Marsch 1976 in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Vita Liljans väg 92, 2 tr.
127 34 Skärholmen

Martina Frejd
Jewellery artist
Born: 12 January 1974 in Hultsfred, Sweden

Klackvägen 25
126 39 Hägersten

Gila Fly
Parykmager/frisør ,og sminkør=maskør (i Danmarks radio).
Born: 3 Marsch 1966 in Denmark

Øster Farimagsgade 69
2100 kbh
tlf +45 35262696 mobil 20852480.

Marta Miguel
Jewellery maker and geologist
Born: 23 January 1972, Spain

Balmes 369 atº 3ª 08006

Mar Escorza Vera
Kind of jeweller. Mutator of ideas.
Born: 14 December 1982, Spain

Les Piles, 3 , 1º 2ª
08950 Esplugues de Llobregat

Marie Asbjørnsen
Born: 12 july 1973, Norway

Mosseveien 241
1169 oslo, Norway
+47 93263323

Maria Manuela Rodrigues
Born: 27 july 1969 Madeira

Smedløkka Foldvik

33 19 74 41 \ 93 45 18 74


paula lindblom said...

This was a very nice idea! To started up a blog... I really like this kind of communicating, I hope the rest of the memenbers and others to, will replay on this blog...

Pernille said...

I am very impressed with the blog,Anni. Somehow it has a link to the projekt. In this way it will be so much easier to exchange and 'consume'.

Pernille said...

And in this day and age information and exchange of it also seems to be one of the items that we consume.... ? + it looks like I managed to invite myself 2 times. So talk about overconsuming...........