Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I made tryouts with burnt nutshells a while back. I've saved all nutshells for this project and I have a lot. But only made one far. The other material is fake coral.


Martina Frejd said...

Hej Anni,
Have you noticed that the subwaytrain floor often are filled with that kind of nutshells? I think your piece is beautiful! Does it "rattle" when you ware it?

Anni Jonsson said...

It smells. I burnt the shells in my kinchen-oven, and the neighburn knockt on the door asking if there was a fire or some accident. And the smell stays... I wonder for how long?

But I got rid of this piece. Swapped with a textileartist, so now I have her work at home, and she has mine.

The fact that she liked the piece _because_ of the smell was a surprice for me. That was nice.

I like it much that somebody is actually using this smelly piece. I thought the smell would be "problem" and it was fantastic to found out the opposit.

Martina Frejd said...

Can you feel the smell of it from a distance? Or can you only feel it when you wear it?