Sunday, February 26, 2006

brooches out of scrap silver and plastic bags

Jewellery artist, M.F.A.

Born: 27 March 1976 in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Vita Liljans väg 92, 2 tr.
127 34 Skärholmen

material: silver, flux, plastic, iron, gold.

About the theme: What strikes me most about flea markets are all the memories that are stored there. I wanted to work with the "consumer society/recycle"- theme from that point of view. The memories left behind were what intrigued me. This was the startingpoint for me.

About the result: I put together pieces out of my own scrap, they are kind of abstractions of memories. I used my leftover silver, the discarded pieces and the spaces in between forms sawed out. The pieces that lay in the "silver junk bin".

You never know what piece of your life is selected to be remembered, it's not as you can chose only the most lovely parts for keeping. But when you look closer the "space in between" can be really beautiful, too. The parts of your life that were only there without no significanse at the time. Nothing particularly interesting said or done... Just ordinary life passing by. In the end, maybe this space inbetween exiting events are really what you cherish. The things that seemed to be nothing at the time.


Anni Jonsson said...

My things make no comment what so ever on the consumer society. :-/ I guess they are connected to the topic by the plastic/recycle thing going on. But they make no statement about the consumer society... they are all about memories/feelings.

Well now the deadline is already passed, and this is my result.
I feel like the pieces are ready, but I don't feel finished with the project.

hugs Anni

paula lindblom said...

I think your jewellerys has with the consumer society to do! And with your text it´s clear for me, any way... I also feel that the deadline has past, but not all the ideas who have coming up under this time when I have working with it, to the "end"... I have a lot of NEW ideas and energy for this. // Paula

paula lindblom said...

I´m allways curios about the size.
How small or big are these brooches?!
Like them a lot, think it´s a "good" combination of materials.//Paula