Sunday, February 26, 2006


Necklace. Materials: tin-cans/openers, string, coated stealwire.
Necklace. Materials: newspaper, plasticwire, silver.

Bracelet. Materials: tin-cans/openers, coated stealwire.

Marie Asbjørnsen

Jewellery artist

Born: 12 July 1973 in Norway

Mosseveien 241

1169 Oslo


+47 93263323

The first years I worked with jewellery, I mainly used silver as material in my work. But some years ago, I saw an exhibition of toys, made by children from all over the world, where everything was made out of colourful garbage. These objects impressed me and inspired me so much, that I decided to start working with recycled materials myself.

During the last years, I have travelled to South Africa, Namibia and Mali, to dig deeper into cultures where recycling is a necessity and a common way of thinking. I have been looking for all kinds of things made out of waste; toys, jewellery, sculptures, furniture and shelters. The creativity and the strong will of looking for possibilities rather than despair, has made a strong impression on me.

My jewellery are made out of daily waste as tin-cans and newspapers. I like the idea of refining waste and transform it into something valuable and new!

"It`s just castoff stuff people throw away. Like people who`ve been cast off, and everybody thinks they are worth nothing. I have been there. Beat up, broken down at the buttom. But I had this dream in my head, and that made me more than a piece of junk."

Charlie Lucas, sculptor, Alabama, USA

(From the book "Recycled re-seen: Folk Art from the Global Scrap Heap")

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paula lindblom said...

I´m really glad that your in this project! And I love to hear more about your trips to Africa... Like your things and I´m curios about how you put this things together. May be you have a close up image on this jewellerys?! // Paula.