Sunday, February 26, 2006


Maria Manuela Rodrigues

Smedløkka Foldvik

33 19 74 41 \ 93 45 18 74

Born: 27.07.69 Madeira

I work with textile, photo and video installations

I remember some of the jewellery neighbours and relatives wore around their necks. It was made of two pieces of material that hang form a silky thread. On these pieces was embroidered the symbols of Jesus meant to protect the user from the devil. Therefore one in front the other in the back.

My pieces are about an inner prayer, an inner complaint, a wish and a secret feeling. The text is formulated like a pun of words. They are about the duality and ambivalence of feelings.

The materials used on my pieces are taken from old clothes, embroidered tablecloths, curtains and lace inherited from an old lady. By using these materials I wish to make visible values about to go lost.
Born: 27.07.69 Madeira


paula lindblom said...

NICE!!! LOVE IT!!! I really do.
BUT, Maria can you add your name and all the other things to your page?! Wuold be nice to have all the information on the same place... If you understand what I mean?!// Paula

paula lindblom said...

Once again, NICE! Now it´s better.