Tuesday, July 31, 2007

me and Joanne Haywood...

I have met the jewellery artist Joanne Haywood from London, U.K by the Internet; she is doing a book about mixed media jewelleries…
We get a good connection and when I was in London we swap jewelleries and took a coffee in "my" neighbourhoods…
I really really like her jewelleries, please look at her website; http://www.joannehaywood.co.uk/
And I’m so happy for my necklace!


Total:1115 visitors at Nääs Konsthantverk in Floda, Sweden.

My "new" e-mail is; prylpaula@hotmail.com I have change company, so if you have tryed to reach me on my telia address, it´s out of order... Sorry!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Krakow, Poland 2007.

in the Kronika Krakowska 9/7 2007.

They write about the exhibition in Kronika Krakowska!!!
I don´t understand Polish, but I think that it´s nice words...
I will send you all in this exhibitiongroup an copy of this, later on, with all the other things.

070707 the opening at Galeria Bielak, Krakow, Poland

A nice opening with start at 19.00.
About 40-50 visitors.
Photo: Barbara Bielak and Dan Lindblom.
If you want to see more images from my trip to Krakow and Poland, please visit my blog; www.f-art-projekt.blogspot.com
It´s in Swedish, but you can always look at the images...


Curator Paula Lindblom, the only one from the group, personaly in Krakow, Poland.
Everyone get they own showcace on the wall...
It´s the first time we show this things in showcases.
A nice showroom.