Sunday, September 18, 2005

floating!!!! (Marta)

Hi every body
this is a new idea
Plastic melted
It ´s floatting jejjejje

Friday, September 16, 2005

paula (about the project)


I have a question (Martina has already asked…)
How often are you checking your e-mail or checking the Blog?
Its a little bite interesting to know, because if this project will go on, you have to communicate over the blog, so all other could see what’s on.

* personally I check may e- mail almost everyday…

I have already got some response of this blog from people outside the project.
For the moment it’s just good and nice response!
- a interesting project… Love Jönsson
- a interesting project, I will tell the student in HDK at the jewellery apartment about this blog and project. Gunilla Grahn
- I like the avocado stuff. Dan Helgesen
- tell me more… Susie Siverland

I think WE are going into something interesting, something that can expand and develop further if everyone take this on –line project serious and take some time for this communicating way.

So dear jewellery on – line project friends,
keep on working and please tell the others what’s on!

This is a project about the consumer culture, and everyone has a interesting way to solve this, and put it into the jewellery world.

For me jewelleries are a little bite as “talk- about”, signs; to show others, who I’m and so on…
It’s not necessary that it will be exclusive materials and that are a little my point of view in this project… It’s possible to create with recycling materials, garbage’s etc.
As Anni said; I dig there I stand… That’s a nice point of view, I think.
Because we all have something near by to work with… If we got the curiosity, the creativity and the idea to tell something and create something about it, the ideas and the materials that come in our way…

Thursday, September 15, 2005

paula; avisen & inspiration photos

I have send the blog to as a link.
You find it under Member news

Inspiration photos:

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Image from the wall (Marta)

These pictures are taken near my studio.
There is a lot of information on the walls ( Paper with glue )
This part of the city is a comercial area
On this door, I have found faces looking at me.
they are telling us something?
Something different if you take off the paper?
How do we consume information?
How do we consume paper?
How do we consume trees?

is it not enough with newspapers or internet?
is it necesary to put on the walls papers and take it out once,twice, again and again?

Love Actually (Marta)

They were on the street ,looking at me

and I thougth, who are they?

She love him?

Two hearts on movement with brightness on it

Mineral Pyrite inside plastic melted Toy

The on-line jewellery project (Paula)

I’m a collector and a consumer ( may be a over consumer?!), no doubt!

I collect almost everything… I’m a little bite like Pippi Long stocking( collecting “good to have things”, you never know when you can use it…), I’m collecting; garbage’s as avocado shells who I’m drying and put other things in, as small tins… Other seeds, plastic cans, plastic bags and so on…
I collecting free postcards, books, cd´s, magazines, ugly dolls who I find in flea markets, deo balls, sugar cubs from different parts of the world, photos of things I see when I have my camera with me etc.

But first of all I collect friends or meetings with people, things they say and how they are…
I’m curios about life and nothing is too small to collect or save in my mind.

I wonder: Are you a collector? What are you collect and why?
What part do you have in the consumer society your in? Are you a consumer?
Is it possible not to be a consumer 2005?

For the moment I don’t know why I collect things, I just know that I always has collecting “good to have things”. But why??? I have no idea.
May be is it because it will reminds me of something, may be it’s because I think we all trough things away easily? May be it’s because it started my associations lines? May be it’s because that I feel happy of what I find? May be it’s because I’m thinking that without things I can’t remember? May be it’s because of who I’m or who I wanted to be?

I think we all are a part of the consumer society, even if we want or not. What we collect and what we buy is a question of where we live, what male we are, how old we are, who we want to be, how much money we have to spend, fashion etc.

I started this on – line project for two reasons; first I wanted to work with other jewellery artist around the world, second is that I’m curios how other jewellery artist think about the consumer society. And what we can do with this subject…

This is a perfect opportunity for me to do it, first to ask jewellery artist if they want to join this project and otherwise to see how other work with this subject; consumer society…
To have this on – line project is nice and interesting, because I and everyone can work alone and then share it with others on the internet…
Now when we got this blog, we easily can communicate with eight others and with people who isn’t in this project to!

The idea of some kind of on –line project started when I was in a workshop with Ruudt Peters in Ravenstein/ The Netherlands last summer: NOW CHAOS.
The subject was; hate materials.
Under the course we (or I) learned that it’s nothing as hate materials, because everything has the own potential if you find it out…

A critique sight (Marta)

my first broche with plastic ,paper of the wall and cristal

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

From Anni

Here are some of my thoughts on the subject so far:

To consume is an essential part of life. Things we own are all bits of information about who we are. And maybe even more so they tell the story about who we wish to be. I think it's interesting how consuming and building your own self seems to be two sides of the same thing(?) as we define our selves by the objects we surround us with. Sometimes we consume to embody dreams...

I love shopping. And I love to create new things. This is not entirely uncomplicated though, because I don’t want to be an irresponsible shopper/creator.
Also I think it is interesting how shopping gives me bad consious sometimes, if I bought something entierly 'unnecessary'. (And my art could ofcourse be considered unnecessary by those who aren't at all interested in art jewellery.)
I try to get rid of things I really don't need, like shoes I never use and so on, but somehow there is always more unneeded things to give up. I love to save/collect things, but strangely I also get very elated when I finally throw/give things away...
Where am I going with all these shoes?

This is how I’m going to go on with this project: “To dig where I stand”.
My mother died in December. When going through all her belongings it struck me how many things we keep, that have absolutely no value for anybody else… I think it’s sometimes hard to get rid of “junk” because things inhabit memories. My first thought was to go to the flee-market and find some deserted memories to work with, but I decided to go for the memory-filled things in my own home instead.
I don’t need my mothers used shoes or worn out sweaters. I don’t want to wear them, but I just don’t want to give them away either. I will use them for making jewellery.
I'll start with this dress:

My mother used this dress whenever there was some important event. be continued. /Anni

Sunday, September 11, 2005

on-line jewellery project -Paula

Now I know how to do this... Later on everyone who is in this project! // paula

From Martina

Hi there,
Guess it's time to start sharing my thoughs. Now that Anni has made this arrangement it's getting serious business (thank you Anni, this was in fact just what I needed). Just like Pernille I first asked myself what my relationship is to this project as I am both a consumer and a producer. What I keep coming back to though is "me; as a maker".
There is a "creative boom" in Sweden right now. People are encouraged to be creative. "Do it yourself! Do redo! It's easy, it's inexpensive! " (Common slogans). Handicraft is popular. People love making stuff. I love making stuff too, and appriciate that handicraft is getting an upswing. But the trend says that the most important thing is to be creative and to create for whatever reason. What you create is of less importance or not important at all. I'm ambivalent towards all of this. It makes me revaluate my own work. I'm a creator and a producer but this creativeness-boom forces me to carefully consider what I put out into a world already stuffed with stuff. So, what can I do?

Friday, September 09, 2005

From Pernille

Hi everyone

Hope you are all well. I have finally started working on the consumer project, after a hectic spring and avery relaxing summer.

When I started out I found that I had lots of questions about our project.

1. We are all consumers as we have to consume in order to live, eat and stay warm. So is this a project on overconsuming? Effets of consuming? How we consume? Why? etc

2. What is my relationship to this project as I am both a consumer and a producer of things?

3. Was there an intention with the project when we started out? I.e. are we working with recykel jewellary?

My starting point has been 'Maslow's pyramide on needs' (?, finding I don't have the words to explaine in english). As it has been much used in advertising as a tool of analysing the consumer. Some of our basic needs, he says, are things like food/norishment, shelter/feeling safe, relationships/status/indentity. So I worked with a adult female consumer, a male adult consumer and a child consumer. And that overconsuming is a way of padding ourselves from some of this feelings.

Another angel has been that we are still hunters and gatheres....?

And then I did some very rough models...... I haven't decided which way I am taking, but these are some of my thoughts and pictures and models on our subject.

Lots of love and hope you are all well and happy.

Photos from Paula

I send one photos of what I'm working with, avocado shells, glass beads and bookmarks... I'm on my way and aren't finish jet with the idea, but as I say; I'm on my way!
Hug Paula

Inspiration photos:

Welcome! (+ What & who?)

I hope this will work to get a grip on what's going on with everybodys work!
I took the liberty to post some of your e-mails, just to get started. (If you klick on the photos they'll enlarge.)

If you know of links that you like to have on the blog, please tell me!

Keep on posting!

This was Paulas first mail about the project:

An on-line project
about the consumer society
started in February 2005
on initiative of Paula Lindblom

An on - line project with participants from different places around the world.
The project will end up with exhibitions in all the different cities where participants live, everyone that take part in this project have accepted to arrange for an exhibition, to contact galleries or find alternative exhibition situations or places.
It is not necessary to show the result of the project in a gallery, it might as well be at any empty premises in the town where the participant live.
There will not be as many exhibitions as there are participants since several participants lives in the same
country/city. ...Perhaps there will be exhibitions in other countries/cities as well, besides the participants home countries. And a publication where the participants get disposal of two pages each, photo and text.

Main theme: consumer society.
Sub title and working method:
To work with recycled materials, garbage, flea market stuff. To document the work and the progress and to have contact with the others via internet for discussion, reasoning, constructive critic/response on each others work through text and photo.


We who joined this project:

Paula Lindblom
Jewellery artist M.F.A
Born: 27 July 1966 in Sundsvall, Sweden

Oljekvarnsgatan 7 b
414 65 Gothenburg
phn +46 709 186937

Pernille Mouritzen
Grafic designer. 1989. Student at the Institute of Precious Metals
Born: 19 June 1962 in Denmark

Dronningensgade 13, 2
1420 København K

Anni Jonsson

Jewellery artist, MFA
Born: 27 Marsch 1976 in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Vita Liljans väg 92, 2 tr.
127 34 Skärholmen

Martina Frejd
Jewellery artist
Born: 12 January 1974 in Hultsfred, Sweden

Klackvägen 25
126 39 Hägersten

Gila Fly
Parykmager/frisør ,og sminkør=maskør (i Danmarks radio).
Born: 3 Marsch 1966 in Denmark

Øster Farimagsgade 69
2100 kbh
tlf +45 35262696 mobil 20852480.

Marta Miguel
Jewellery maker and geologist
Born: 23 January 1972, Spain

Balmes 369 atº 3ª 08006

Mar Escorza Vera
Kind of jeweller. Mutator of ideas.
Born: 14 December 1982, Spain

Les Piles, 3 , 1º 2ª
08950 Esplugues de Llobregat

Marie Asbjørnsen
Born: 12 july 1973, Norway

Mosseveien 241
1169 oslo, Norway
+47 93263323

Maria Manuela Rodrigues
Born: 27 july 1969 Madeira

Smedløkka Foldvik

33 19 74 41 \ 93 45 18 74