Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The last pictures from South Africa

My last pictures before deadline 26 February 2006.


Everyday plastic and glass beads...

Ideas and work about everyday plastic and glass beads.


Masiphumelele, Noordhoek, South Africa.

This is also recycling... And a way of living.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Karin Lijnes, Artvark, Kalkbay, South Africa...

Karin Lijnes an artist from South Africa have done this recycling frame, I just have to show you this. Because I think it´s a great idea to put recycling things togeters in new contexts, as you know it´s the part of this project... Karin Lijnes work with recycling things, very, very interesting I think.
(My be I don´t like the images she put into the frame, but that´s my point ...)


The Bo-Kaap

The Bo-Kaap.

Minutes from Parliment, on the slop of Signal Hill, is the Bo-Kaap, one of Cape Town´s oldest and most fasinating residential areas.

I´m fasinating about plastic things as you allready knows...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

inspiration plastic recyclingmaterials

Inspiration plastic recyclingmaterials
from the KEAG project in Hout Bay - South Africa.

Beach rubbish... Bottle caps etc. as a curtain.

I really like the everyday plastic, nice colour, good plastic and nice shapes...

Monday, January 16, 2006

reflections... and name

It’s really popular just for the moment all about this consumer society, and recycling subject… It’s a lot of vintage in the fashion magazine and shops, artists are working with recycling, writers are writing about it etc.

I saw a program on the television about Erlend Loe, a Norwegian writer, talking about his last book; Dobbler… It’s about a man who doesn’t want to be excellent and good, moving out in the forest and so on… I haven’t read this book jet, but it’s on my list.
Erlend Loe talks about the book that it was some kind of reflection about the consumer society, to walk a way from it and live the own life, to take what the nature and the forest giving us, not just buying things and be excellent citizens etc.

It’s a little bite in the time to reflect over the consumer society and the culture we are living in. I think that it is good that people reflect over this, this in my eyes a over consumer society.
I like that we and other artist use this subject to do something about it, and I like that we get so far with this project.

If someone in the project find text or other material about how much we consume, would it be nice to put it into the blog, as a parallel and a comments to this things we are working with.
I’m a little bite curios about this vintage by my self, last year 2005 seems like a very popular year to call flea market stuff for vintage and also jewelleries made out of flea market stuff etc… a “new” fashion word.

If you who is in this project get comments from friends or jewellery artist, please put it into the blog, so the rest of us also can see what other are thinking about this project, or may be you can ask people to leave comments to you, and then you could put it into the blog?!

You also have to start thinking about when and were we can show the things in your surroundings. I have a plan that we can show this on Nääs Konsthantverk, may be in May 2007. May be it’s also possible to have some kind of workshop in the same time?!
I know this in February…about the date to exhibit, so I return later on.

A last question; is it okay to change the name on this project to?:
The Consumer society – The Consumer culture.
Now we call it the on-line jewellery project… But I think if we should have an exhibition name, this is a better name.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

words from a friend

I had this email from my girlfriend about our project, and just wanted to share it.

"Was reading about a cafe in Berlin called cafe Kauf Dich Gluecklich, buy to make yourself happy, where you can buy the furniture, the pictures and even the waitresses earrings, while eating wafers and ice cream. Perhaps you could do something similar with your consumer jewellery project. As one of your exhibitions you could have a cafe for a few days and wear all your jewellery. Combine some kind of thought salon with market and trading, creating desire and repulsion with your bejewelled ness.

I like how in consumer thinking the lines get blurred between people and objects. I also think its slightly creepy too! Its funny how recycling seems to have become the flip side of the coin to the consumer market and how there is so much morality and value judgements inherent in the terms themselves.

I loved the melted plastic and the blurred posters.

It is also so sexual , consume, consummate, consume her
gobble gobble greedy gob

Its a great idea that you are working this way. Look forward to seeing lots more images liked your sauce bottles. Made me think how an element of the consumer society is to sauce it up, make it less bland.

Also thought about the concerns over whether something is useful may be useful or useless . All very utilitarian thinking.

loved Ruudt(red?) Peters website and the phrase
if you grasp at things desirously
beauty retreats
that is somehow the essence of it all

Thank you for sharing all this with me. its lovely to have these things to go and think about and these images to enjoy."


I was tempering with the set up earlier today, so if you wish to comment the last post do so here. I don't know what happened, but as far as I can see you can't leave a comment on todays posts... Ooops.

The on-line jewellery project

I’m working and working, just for the moment more in my brain that in real life, if you understand what I mean?!

I started with avocado shells – glass beads and images…
Later on me collected different plastic cans form my home and the everyday living…
Then I run up to this amazing graffiti pieces…
I bought a warm heat air gun so I can melt down things in my home, things that I have and have found at flea markets… Inspirited by Marta and Anni.
The last things I have done is this deodorant can with the little porcelain bear in it and a “Bliw” soap that I have saw and put glass beads in. ( this haven’t I show you jet…)
And this is the closer I have come, to mix plastic cans, things from the flea market and to melt things… I like the idea to mix things and put it in some other context.

Now I wonder if you can tell me who is most interesting, because I’m a little bite stuck in this, what should I chose???

I like every part of my work, but I seems it a little bite to sprawling for the moment.

I have also some thoughts about this to making jewellery…
Is it necessary to use metal in jewellery pieces, so people understand that it’s for “real” and “serious”?!

I know when I see your things that it’s not necessary, BUT?! Are you also struggle with this kind of question? When is it a jewellery piece and how far can you go?

Now when I’m working with this kind of material it feels like I’m walking on the edge, it’s so easy that it ends up as a child has done it into kindergarten… It takes a lot of thinking, consideration and working/seeing to do things with these materials.
Just for the moment I think that I have loosing the control over the clear seeing, how to work with this, how I can do it well?!

I have a lot of new energy and also new culture seeing of this, after my trip to South Africa and the Cape Town area. You take what you have and then you create something “new” and in my case some kind of jewellery… But will people understand this in the West? And is it necessary that they do it, understand?
As long as you are true by your self and that you know why you are doing these things…

(I hope you all understand my English???)

Scrap-movment in the western culture

The Litter Movment: "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little", Edmund Burke.


I still go back in the archives and answer old stuff.... Maybe you got new comments on old posts?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy New Year

I am still working with my child-woman-man consumer, trying to creat images of different needs that are related to consuming.... ? I think these hankies have potential for the woman, together with some pearls from the fifties.

I don't know if I will manage to make pieces for all 3 groups, and my main focus is still on the child (my first model is the yellow 'padding')

I have found some items that I want to use for my child piece. Teddy bears, gloves and watch straps. I would like my piece to be made up of these things into many little paddings, but in such a way that they can also be spilt up and placed all over the body, or trail along after you on a long chain

Gloves found round about remind me of the way we all need company, to be close, to be touched - and I replace presens with teddy bears to hug for when I am not there.

Here they are nesting together, waiting for more friends.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

beer cans as toys

Here is some images from my trip to South Africa/Cape Town. 7 nov- 7 dec. 2005.
It´s recycling things from beer cans, toys for children.

My trip to South Africa was a really good source of inspiration!

I saw a lots of interesting things and I meet a lots of interesting and friendly people, most craftsman.

(This is also a test to see if I could put in some images by my self, Anni has been to my apartment this evening and show me how to do it. Thanks!!!)

Monday, January 09, 2006

The on-line jewellery project

Dear Jewellery Friends.

I hope your New Year has started well?!

I have set up a deadline date at the 9th of January, BUT I have to change it.
I put the next deadline to the end of February 2006.

I and we started this on-project in February 2005 and I think it’s nice to show each other what we have coming up with under this year…
- In text and images, jewelleries that we have done about this subject; the consumer society and the consumer culture.
After that everyone who is in this on-line project has show the idea, the things and so on, we can started to take contact with gallery’s, magazines, people who may be can response at our work.
I have some ideas about to take this further, but I’m waiting for your things, the text and the images…
The blog is an art piece init self, but the final is to show our things at places in the hometown of every participant.

I’m have to tell you all, that I’m a little disappointed about this on-line project and it have take a lots of my energy to push this further on.
But I will end it! Absolutely...
I think that if you have said YES to this, that you want to be a part of this on –line project, you also have to act. Some of you haven’t been “so” in… When I’m written this I still don’t know who is in or who is out, and I think that’s a little bite sad for the people who is really in and take this project serious, even if I and some others are doing other things on the same time… We are still in this project and communicate with each other over the blog.

Please, you who know that you don’t have use the blog or communicate, can you for the last time tell me and the others if you are in or out!
I have says NO to someone, and I think you have to answer once for all.

I have also invited two jewellery artist from South Africa and the Cape Town area; Verna Jooste and Karen Jay.
They are both working with recycling jewelleries and they are really good!
I hope they will replay as soon as possible, but I know that they have summer holiday just now and Verna Jooste work on the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, and I have only here work mail.

So, keep on working and if you don’t want to be in this project, please tell me and the others as fast that you can! So Anni can do the final set up for this blog.

All the best