Thursday, July 12, 2007

in the Kronika Krakowska 9/7 2007.

They write about the exhibition in Kronika Krakowska!!!
I don´t understand Polish, but I think that it´s nice words...
I will send you all in this exhibitiongroup an copy of this, later on, with all the other things.


Naborowska said...


You're right, they wrote some nice words about the exhibition as well as the idea of recycling jewelry. The title "szlachetne nieszlachetne" can be translated as "precious - non precious".
Congrats on your exhibition. I am totally into this idea.
Recently I participated in a off festival in Warsaw as the co-organizator of recycling workshop. We made jewelry of everything that people brought, everything they didn't need anymore. Amazing for me was that even those, who weren't jewelry makers had fun in making it and were really interested in this kind of jewelry.
Personally I am totally into recycling art as well as plastic-on precious jewelry.
Feel invited to visit my blog: about the jewelry from around the world.

regards, Dominika Naborowska

paula lindblom said...

Hi Dominika!
Finally I can get in to this blog again, before it was cloesed on som estrange way, but now ´m back on track and will add some "new" things here, later on.
Thank you for your translation and fo rthe invite to your blog and that you also join us, and working with recycling materials.
Kind regards Paula.