Tuesday, November 28, 2006

a new blog (in Swedish)

I have created my own blog.
Just to show what is going on, what I have done over the years and so on, and some small and bigger stuff.
-Images and text.
But this blog is in Swedish...

Have a look!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

workshops with kids

Hi! Nice to see so many new pictures on the blogg!
I send some photos from the exhibition I took part in this fall ; "In from the north", the netherlands. Materials; aluminiumboxes and coated steel-wire.

I also put out some photos from workshops with kids this fall, they have made crowns out of recycled materials, and it has been very inspiring! A lot of eager and creativity!

Best regards, marie

Monday, November 20, 2006

- junk on the ground...

A notice from Metro, Gothenburg 16th of November 2006.

About how much junk we drop to the ground and what it cost to clean the city up, from all this human lazy behave…

Sunday, November 12, 2006


My latest remixes of waterfront garbage’s… It’s a pendant/object…
Just now I am trying to find ideas about how to work future.
May be may be not, is my lead word in this “new” way of working.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

You never knows...

Here is one more garbage thing...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Now is my focus to do jewelleries and objects for a specific place, for these choose I have been down by the waterfront here in Gothenburg and collecting garbage’s from the small beaches… I have also collected garbage’s from South Africa in the poor areas, from small islands in the archipelago of Gothenburg etc. So now I have different places and themes to work with. This is a start and I don’t know for the moment if this is a side track or if I will bee in this for awhile…

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More "Plastilito"

this result more melted is produce when the size of the plastic particle is not so smaller

Friday, October 27, 2006

creating a new material named Plastilito

A new experiment goes on!

I´m happy only two days and I´m going on,ei!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I get it It´s going on

Hi !!!!!
I´m painting again that is the last work
It´s not finish yet .It´s about a new life.

the others 2 photos: new material that someone give me a month ago.
I want to find a way to put colour on my creations.
and with melted plastic was a way but now I get it and I will destroy it.
what is going to happen ,I don´t know
but I would like to find mu way between painting and objects

well see you again
best regards for all of you.

there is a place in www.fotolog.com/lahtidos you could see the last places that I visited.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Please tell the others...

I don’t understand the silence!

You have written that everyone should get in contact… Why don’t you all use the blogg for some kind of “show up”?!
What are you doing right now, even if it’s a short mail; please tell the others, so we know what’s going on in your life.

Have a nice week end and use the blogg… Just a little bite!


Monday, September 18, 2006

An interesting piece of "nothing"...

I want to show you an inspiration source…
Just now I have a workshop with retarded people. It’s about jewellery art.
It’s a source of inspiration for my work as a jewellery artist.
This brooch is made by a man, only with colour pipe cleaners.
Acknowledge that this is a fresh piece of something that can be an interesting jewellery piece in the end?!
Fantasy, inspiration and curios are the lead word of this thing.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

esencia !!

Hi every one
I took this new photo.

This is the brochee that I made one year later.

and when I saw it

think about the proyect, that the essence of all ís be alife

what ever we do if better for us and others is It is done with the heart.

have a nice week

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sunday, September 10, 2006

my point of view, about...

- Why recycling material?

- Why use recycling material into jewelleries?

- How do I think about jewelleries made out of garbage, recycling, flea market stuff, seeds etc?

- How do others look at jewellery made out of these materials?

- What is a recycling material? Could it be what ever? Include seeds, dried plants, moose dropping etc.

- Is it recycling material as fast as you use it or turn it in to another context?

I feel happy when I see things that have been transforming from one material into another, or have been putting in a new context. But I don’t know where the limit is for recycling material, is it just your own imagination the limit or is it some limit in the society?

As jewellery artist, is it necessary to use silver and gold and other precious metal?
I don’t think so, but I have seen a lot of jewellery artist working and using recycling materials, the vintage and so on, and they also use gold and silver details with these materials…
Some times I get the feeling that the colour and shape aren’t enough. That some of this jewellery artist don’t trust the material and actually need to bring in silver /gold etc. into the jewellery…
Or may be they want to proof that they can handle these kind of material as well (silver, gold) to proof that they have the knowledge…

For me I think it’s more interesting to see what’s coming out of a material, to press it till some limit in it self… Without using precious metal, or noble stones, pearls and so on.
BUT in the same time, I’m use glass beads, ready made porcelain figure that I have found at flea markets…Where are the different?
I don’t know where the limit goes, when the line is crossed…
It’s no point to use material only because of the value of the material I think, it’s better to use the material you need to visualise the thing you want to do and the story you need to tell/do.
First the thought then the material.

Why I’m using recycling materials?

1. It’s a comment of this society we all are a part of… We have a very small choice to use refill system and everything is cheaper to buy new, then try to repair it.
Using shampoo cans, deo cans etc. I show my statement that it’s possible to use these things again in another way…
Only the imagination is your limit!
To use these kind of material, gives me the opportunity to show others that we live in a over consumer society.
2. I think that this material who are for free… is interesting for me to use as a jewellery maker. First of all, I can’t afford to work experimental in the way I want with silver and gold, I don’t have that kind of workshop or studio for that moment and my purse as a jewellery is too small, actually…
3. I like the challenge about this, I have always been interesting to find things and transform them into something “new” or something different. I feel a strong fascination to doing these kinds of jewelleries, using recycling materials, flea market stuff etc.
I’m fascination about that me and other people can see things in a material and the transform it, bring out something new from a piece of “garbage”, that other people will trough away.

Why jewelleries?

For me it has always been interesting, calm to sit and doing “small” things…
It’s a way of meditation, focus on small complicated things, putting together, take a way and so on… When I turn into this “small” meditation world, I can be there for hours. When I’m working I’m curios about what’s coming up next if I add something or take a way from the next jewellery or object, small changes… The process leads me further, my curiosity has no end.

Now I am working with mostly necklace and brooches…
Necklace because they have a central place on the body, it’s close to the heart and the soul.

Brooches is interesting in that way that you are able to put them everywhere you want, assume that you have clothes on… It’s just and only the imagination who stops you.

- I like the size of jewelleries…

- I like the idea of using the body as a showcase.

- I like that people has to take responsibility of what they choose to wear, it’s always a statement to wear jewelleries… In one way or another.


who try very hard to tell her piont of view, about why; jewlleries and recycling stuff.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


-at this blog site...

Anni Jonsson was starting this blog in September 2005.

If we all look back, I think we had done a lot…
Even if it has been good and bad energy in this, we are moving forwards.


I think we end this in a good way; we have to see this project as an experiment.

I think we end this in a good way; we have to see this project as an experiment.
I think we have done it well, even if I thought that this project would be muche easier to do…
I thought that people/jewellery artist who accepted this cooperation was more “ON”, that the project would develop into some thing big, interesting because of the jewellery artist who join this on-line project. But I have learned that people want to have frames, have some one who got the last word and so on, and that was never my idea about this project… I think the once who is left, is strong and good working jewellery artist, and I really look forward to the exhibition with this people and meet them in the reality!

So, NOW we use the blog once again to the first exhibition in Norway/Oslo 2007.

Keep on working and I think it would be nice if you put in your other exhibitions on the blog too, Even if it some parallel things I think it’s interesting for me and others to see what on.

Kind regards Paula

More e-mail thoughts...

More e-mail thoughts... 2006-09-09
Start from the end and scroll.

From Maria Asbjornsen 2006 09 08 13.15
Hi everybody!
I toatally agree, paula, no one has done anything wrong, so this is not a complaning to anyone. I have been very silent myself, so I just needed to check it out, what you were all thinking!

So Martina, please do not take this personaly, I did not mean that you should leave the group!
I look foreward to see all the work live, and hopefully to meet you all!

We make the three exhibitions we have planned. Yesterday I had an opening in the same gallery, together with six other jewellers in Oslo. It was very nice, and the exhibition turned out to be very nice looking, so I am happy I now know the room a little bit before our exhibition is coming up! It will be great!

Your english is much better than mine, Paula, so no probleme! It sounded like a very nice welcome for your south african friend, by the way..

Have a very nice wekend, everybody!
All the best, Marie

From: "paula lindblom"
To: "'marta miguel'" ,"Anni Jonsson"
Subject: SV: SV: SV: VB: ops !!
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 09:43:26 +0200

I don't think anyone has done anything wrong, that's not the problem.
The problem has been the communication and silence from "all" the once
who are in this...
I think the silence come from everyone, even the people who ask a
question about to cancel it, BUT I also think that it is GOOD that this
question is coming up. Under the time this project has been going on, I
have must end up deadlines, at lest 2 times or may be it's 3 times? I
think that shows that people have a hard time to follow the "rules" and
be in time etc. Now we are there again, but this time I don't like the
idea of ending it like this, because I can't tell the places who has
said yes, that we cancel it. I can't! This was my biggest fear when I
contacted the galleries and so on, that someone gone get cold feet and don't show up... But I trust all of you who are in this project!!! I
thought that this not gone be a problem, we all know the rules and
agree with it...

I understand that my English was terrible in the last mail, tired,
confused and sad... And I want to write back as soon as possible.
Sorry, sorry, I hope you understand my Muppet show English.

All the best, Paula

Från: marta miguel [mailto:marticas23@hotmail.com]
Skickat: den 6 september 2006 09:17
Till: paula.lindblom@telia.com; marieasbj@hotmail.com;
annijonsson@bredband.net; mariarodrigues255@hotmail.com
Ämne: RE: SV: SV: VB: ops !!

ops! too
I don´t understand anything
what´s happen?

I read it now in the moorning and I surprise for the words of Marie

I am going to think during the day
if you believe that I must go out well It will be an opinion really
important for me because I respect your decision all the time.

be quite
and think
I´m going to do this

I hope every one is happy with the work

sorry for my fault
if you think that I made it.

From Marta Miguel 2006 09 07 00.10

have a nice time with them

some questions:

now we are going to comunicate another time with the blog?

we are not to do the catalogue?

sorry for my poor english
but I understand your words

well if we are on it ,at the end we could finish the proyect with your first idea,Paula,exhibit the work and the proyect.
and if the proyect is in some how poor or not an artistic piece of art,well that is the result of a new idea to work on a group ,and original way to do,to comunicated with peolple that I never see and know.
I never see the process and the discussion of the people that prepare an exhibition.
some times people send the pieces on a date and that all and in this proyect you can see and talk about the pieces on the process It´s good it´s different way to do.
and I think it has more value for the reason that the comunication by mailing is more dificult

well I will going to improve my english and my thougts and talk with you and the others.

best regard and good luck with the future exhibitions

From: "paula lindblom"
To: "Anni Jonsson" ,"Anni Jonsson"
Subject: now "everything" at the blog...
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 15:31:01 +0200

NOW dear jewellery friends!

I have put out in our discussion on the blog.

I think the discussion belong at the blog and not just by e-mail.

Have a nice day!

Now I will cook some codfish and Swedish yellow chantarelles for my
South African friend who just arrived to Gothenburg airport.

All the best Paula

Thursday, September 07, 2006

skip catalogue,no more exhibitions?

I everybody I can´t talk with anyone of yours.
My comunication is only by mail and/or on the blog.

Then I will give it a try

I kept silence for a long time ,sorry

if all of you decide that the best option is to skip the catalogue,them I agree.

In other hand ,I think that the process of this proyect could be explain in a memory or text.
well I hope see more words on the blog ,discussions or not.

see you

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

These discussions belong at the blog…

These discussions belong at the blog…
I don’t want to say that this has been an easy project,

I don’t want to have any censoring…

(If you are interesting to follow this, start in the end and scroll it up…)

Från: Marie Asbjornsen [mailto:marieasbj@hotmail.com]
RE from Paula Lindblom 2006-09-06 9.29 Skickat: den 6 september 2006 09:29Till: paula.lindblom@telia.com; annijonsson@bredband.net; mariarodrigues255@hotmail.com; marticas23@hotmail.comÄmne: RE: SV: SV: VB: hallo autumn and good bye summer...

Good morning everybody! Thanks for this mail!!!

I hope you have had some good sleep, Paula, even though your head was full
of thoughs after my mail. I have a good sleep, when I finally closed my eyes.
I am not sure if I understand what you mean about being "one" person, but I
think you mean that I speak for both of us, maria and me? I undserstand that
seems strange. The thing is that Maria is in the north, putting up a big
exhibition, she has lots to do and she does not have internett access there.
She has had a very buissy summer, participating and putting up a big number
of exhibitions, and she was so tired yesterday. She did not have much energy
left, so I said I would write and tell what we had been speaking about, to
take that part of work away from her shoulders. Something like that, yesterday
I was a little bite angry about that’s you “complain” and haven’t answer my mail either.
I really really understand that you have a full schedulers, I have it too…

And I think the organizying through internett is one of the things that has
been difficult for all of us, speaking for myself, I am not good enough to
use internett often enough and in an easy way. And I think that is what has
happend to Maria, Anni and martina as well, since it has been quiet. It is a
new way of working for everyone, and it has been a bit difficult, but the
idea is great! This is a new way, and I don’t think it easy either.
I’m not so very good at computers, but I got one at home witch is easer and quicker…
My biggest problem is my English. I can’t express my self the way I want, that’s my biggest problem. But I try and I think I’m on my way…

I am not going to leave the project if everybody want to do the exhibition,
then we do the exhibitions we have planned and we do them well! Maria said
the same on the phone. Phu! Absolutely, we will do it well!!!
I’m glad that you don’t “jump” and leave me in this…

I am waiting to hear from anni and martina as well, and then we go from
I think skipping the catalouge could be a way of redusing the work of this
project, but I am open for discussions.
I don’t want to do a publication any more; it’s to much work… IF we want, we can do one by our self.

Wish you all a nice day! A good day to you to!!! No bad feelings from this end of the world!
Now I will go out shopping some nice food and wine, I got flash visit from South Africa today!
Best regards, marie All the best Paula, say hallo to Maria also!

Marta, this has nothing to do with your work and your place in the group, I think your stuff is interesting in this on-line project! So keep on working and don’t take this personally, I see this as a discussion. I think it’s nice, interesting with discussions, even if I don’t have the time just now, to think deeper in to this…

If I got some more YES from places, I say NO.

I will also put this conversation to the blog, because this is what I have as an intention with the cooperation, good and bad things… Discussions etc.

You are free to use the blog! To write, put some images in and so on…
May be I will put in Love Jönssons text too?! Would be nice to show people that this wasn’t easy.

From Paula Lindblom 2006-09-06 9.43

I don't think anyone has done anything wrong, that's not the problem. The problem has been the communication and silence from "all" the once who are in this...
I think the silence come from everyone, even the people who ask a question about to cancel it, BUT I also think that it is GOOD that this question is coming up. Under the time this project has been going on, I have must end up deadlines, at lest 2 times or may be it's 3 times? I think that shows that people have a hard time to follow the "rules" and be in time etc. Now we are there again, but this time I don't like the idea of ending it like this, because I can't tell the places who has said yes, that we cancel it. I can't! This was my biggest fear when I contacted the galleries and so on, that someone gone get cold feet and don't show up... But I trust all of you who are in this project!!! I thought that this not gone be a problem, we all know the rules and agree with it...

I understand that my English was terrible in the last mail, tired, confused and sad... And I want to write back as soon as possible. Sorry, sorry, I hope you understand my Muppet show English.

All the best, Paula

From Marta 2006-09-06 9.40

Hi Marie
Well I think that to do a catalogue is good for us but I´m sure that all the people has a lot experiencie than me doing exhibitions.
I think too the idea and the resolution of this proyect it has been really great ,people say this about it.
It was difficult to talk by internet and think that the comunication changes a lot but we did it

I´m going to work and I will think about your letter.
I don´t has a lot experiencie but I believe in Paula and on me and the group.

well see you to night on mailing

best regards

and you could tell me what do you think about me ,my work and if I can continue because in some how you don´t agree my way to do.

no problem the life is a chance to learn and do an feel


Från: marta miguel [mailto:marticas23@hotmail.com]
Skickat: den 6 september 2006 09:17
Till: paula.lindblom@telia.com; marieasbj@hotmail.com; annijonsson@bredband.net; mariarodrigues255@hotmail.com
Ämne: RE: SV: SV: VB: ops !!

ops! too
I don´t understand anything
what´s happen?

I read it now in the moorning and I surprise for the words of Marie

I am going to think during the day
if you believe that I must go out well It will be an opinion really important for me because I respect your decision all the time.

be quite
and think
I´m going to do this

I hope every one is happy with the work

sorry for my fault
if you think that I made it

From: "paula lindblom"
To: "'Marie Asbjornsen'"
Subject: SV: SV: VB: hallo autumn and good bye summer...
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 22:49:47 +0200


I have been working this evening and I saw a phone call from Norway on
my cell. Sorry, I haven't my cell with me when I'm working.

I don't agree with cancel this project! I will that we all show our
things at lest on the galleries who have say yes for this. I can't
cancel it, I can't!

I have asked around for some other places too, but I haven't got any
answer jet, and if I get a YES, I cancel it, I promise! It´s in Belin,
in Stockholm and in Malmoe here in Sweden.

I agree with you that it has been so empty from all of the others...
But I know that Anni has computer trouble. I and that she will be on
the line in a couple of days.
I also agree with Love Jönsson about the critic he give us in the
speech, but I have no problem with that, I think he has right about the
critic, but this is the first time like this, so it has some child
sickness... No a doubt about it, but I also know that he look forward to see this live.

Way I haven't use the site, the blog is that I will work out my things
for the coming exhibitions.
My thought was that we have ending it on the blog for some time, just
to end it up in this coming shows.

I have no problem with that we are still five in this project, because
I think quality is better than quantity... I like all your things you
have done and what you have been doing.
It's not a big show we are travelling along with, but for me it's okay
for this time.

So please, be with us in this final!

I hope everyone with write back to everyone as soon as possible and say
what you are thinking... But I can't cancel the exhibitions we already

Now I gone sleep very bad, rolling around thinking of some solution,
and for the moment with a lot of other things in my mind, I'm really
sure that I don't come up with some good ideas about this. Sorry.

Nice to here that you have a good time Marie.
Sorry to hear that you and Maria don't believe in this project. I
thought that you have been a good craft and energy in this project, and
I'm sorry that you turn in to be "one" person in this, if you
understand what I mean?!

All the best Paula

And YES I have put a lot of energy and time in this project, but I
still want to end it! I proud of what's coming up and I have spoken
with a lots of people who are working with jewellery's and they say
that they think it's a good an interesting idea.

May be we do the shows and give a dam in the publication idea?!

Från: Marie Asbjornsen [mailto:marieasbj@hotmail.com]
Skickat: den 5 september 2006 21:37
Till: paula.lindblom@telia.com; annijonsson@bredband.net;
mariarodrigues255@hotmail.com; marticas23@hotmail.com
Ämne: RE: SV: VB: hallo autumn and good bye summer...

Hi everybody!

I am back from amsterdam, and it was a nice trip and opening!

The summer has gone very quick, and now fall is here..

First of all; Thanks for the critic you sent this summer, Paula. I read
it again today, and I have to say I very much agree on the critic coming up..

I spoke with Maria on the phone earlier today, and I tried to call you,
Paula, just to discuss everything a bit, because I find it harder on
internett. But I could not reach you, so I will try to write.

After talking with Maria, it turned up that both of us feel lack of
energy aroud this project. Maybe some of the reason is that both of us
have many exhibitions we are working with, and a lot of work to do. But
I also think it has to do with the fact that it seems like it is lack
of interest in the group aswell (except Paula). The whole project feels
a bit thin, after so many left, few of us have been active on the
blogsite, and it seems like Paula is the only one who is carrying the project.

After reading through the critic, Maria said she wished that the
project did

not end in an exhibition, but that the plog was an open and alive site
for everyone to put out pictures, as long as it was interest out there,
and that

that was it. (The intension of having exhibitions all over the world,
is a good idea aswell, but ofcourse a lot more to organize.) How it is
now, it seems like no one is visiting the site, and making comments,
not even the five of us, and the thing that is waiting now is the exhibitions.
So both Maria and I are wondeing: is there enough interest in the group
of continuing the blog and to actually do the exhibitions?

I know this is coming late, and I know that we have said yes to take
part in exhibitions. Both Maria and I will sty in and take part in the
exhibitions that are booked, if the three of you really want to do
these exhibitions. I just want to check out what you all really think,
because I still think there is time to cansel.

When it comes to apply for more exhibitions, maria and I are not really
interested in that. We do not feel comfortable with sending the
blogsite around as an application, it is to much mess and we do not
find it profesionel enough. (that is also comments we have got showing
it around)

I hope this is not making anyone angry, and specially not you, Paula,
because I know you have put so much energy into this, and I really
respect you for that. But I just find it important to check out what
you all think about this, because it has been so little communication
through this period,

(except with you, paula.), and it is still a lot of work to do, if we

I hope to hear from all of you.

Best wishes from marie

From Paula Lindblom 2006 08 31 10.56

Hi again.

I don't know if it's necessary to have a catalogue... But I think it would be nice, and from the beginning it was my intention to do a publication and exhibition "after" the cooperation over the internet. I like the idea to do a publication and we also need invitation cards to the three shows...

I really want an answer about this and also if you know some other place to show our things.

Have a nice weekend!


Lots of luck, Marie.

I got answer from Marta and she like the idea and thing that A5 horizontal would be nice, and I agree, like the size too. May be it's possible to use the front page as invitation card later on?! Just to change the text about when and where... I want to have some kind of easy way to do this...

Från: Marie Asbjornsen [mailto:marieasbj@hotmail.com]
Skickat: den 31 augusti 2006 09:11
Till: paula.lindblom@telia.com; annijonsson@bredband.net; mariarodrigues255@hotmail.com; marticas23@hotmail.com
Ämne: RE: VB: hallo autumn and good bye summer...

hi everybody!
This is very quick from me.., I am on my way to the netherlands today, in half an hour, to take part in an exhibition there. It has been lots to do these days, so I am sorry I have not had time to think about these things.
I am still a bit unsure if I really think we need a catalogugue, but if everybody else think so, I am in. I do not remember if we decided to do it, or if we where thinking of if we should do it?

I have to read through everything again when I come back, monday, and answer later, I am sorry, because I still have to pack my things now..
Have a nice weekend!
Best wishes,

From: "paula lindblom"
To: "'marta miguel'"
Subject: SV: VB: hallo autumn and good bye summer...
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 10:42:20 +0200

Hi Marta.

I thought that A5 horizontal is good too.
You can e-mail me the text before if you want. No problem.
I will write some text by my self to and some kind of text for the whole
project, send it further to you all, so you can look and think about it.
Nice that you are going out and take some photos about recycling things, I>will do the same today...
It's no hurry with the money, I will talk to my friend tomorrow, and then I
know more about "all" this.
Have a nice day and I'm happy for you that you enjoyed the Finish workshop.
And that you meet Pernilla and Miro, did you see Gila too? I think she was
there to.
I look forward to end this on-line project, so something "new" can start. I
think this has been a nice way to work, but some has to been better done in
the further, if I'm doing this again.
I will look for some other places to exhibit in too, I haven't drop this

Hug Paula

Från: marta miguel [mailto:marticas23@hotmail.com]
Skickat: den 29 augusti 2006 09:42
Till: paula.lindblom@telia.com
Ämne: RE: VB: hallo autumn and good bye summer...

Hi Paula

That is ok for me
I began writing first in spanish the text ,and today is probably a friend
help me taking a photo

the money is ok too,when do you prefer that I send it to you?

well The size is ok A5 on position Horizontal

and I´m going today walking around to take photo about recycle material

well this summer for me was work and work but in finland I was very happy
and I saw Pernille and Miro ,good experiencie.

well keep on tounch

before I send the cd I will send you a mail with the text
and the photo

best regards


From: "paula lindblom"
To: "Anni Jonsson"
Subject: VB: hallo autumn and good bye summer...
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 20:43:52 +0200


Please answer me… as soon as you are able to do it.


I will see my graphic design friend this week and I have to know how you
All are thinking about this…

Från: paula lindblom [mailto:paula.lindblom@telia.com]
Skickat: den 21 augusti 2006 23:25
Till: Anni Jonsson; (mariarodrigues255@hotmail.com); Marie Asbjornsen
[marieasbj@hotmail.com] (marieasbj@hotmail.com); (marticas23@hotmail.com)
Ämne: hallo autumn and good bye summer...

Hi dear jewelleryfriends!

I hope that you have a great summer.

I have a nice and calm summer with lots of nice small and bigger trips in
Sweden… A really good summer with lots of SUN! Love it! My last swim and
sun tanning I have this last Friday, and it was 20 degrees in the ocean.

Now the autumn is here and we have to start thinking about our further
About the on-line project. I haven’t got any more answer from places… Sorry for that. I will contact some other places and I hope you all will do the same…

We have some publicity in Germany this summer, in the beginning… Love
Jönsson the hand craft critic has talking about the project in a big
convent. (I hope I was sending this text to you???) It was not only good
words but I think it was good that he wanted to use this project in his

Now we have three exhibitions next year, and I hope that everyone can be there…with 3- 5 objects, jewelleries each.

We have to think about how we should do with the publication and “all” the
invitation cards too.

I have a purpose… That everyone of you are sending me some information in
English about your work, and may be how you have been working in this
project and what you think about the cooperation. It could be nice that
people can take part of our work, together over the internet and not only
by saying; that it looks great or nice.

Its a little bite tin in the end on the blog with comments about the work
We have done etc.

And the in the same time that you are sending me the text, you also send me
photos who you want to be in the publication, may be one, two or three
photos in high quality.

If some one of you have a nice photo of some kind of recycling thing that
We can have on the front, would be nice…

Text and photo sending to me on a cd.

Paula Lindblom
Oljekvarnsgatan 7b
414 65 Gothenburg

And send me also 500 Swedish crowns (about 50 euro), so we can pay my
friend to do the lay out for this publication… To print it we will check around to find some good and “cheep” place, may be in Spain, Norway or in Sweden…

May be some of you know someone who can do this “better” and for less
money?! Please tell me and the other if you know someone.

I don’t know how you will have this publication?! In A-4 or may be in
A-5??? Standing or laying … Etc.

I think that it would be nice to have a front with some photos, who
our work and some who telling what we have been working with… And a back
with contacts may be we all or the blog address will stand on the back of
the publication.

So keep on thinking and contact everyone to tell each other what you are
thinking and when we have to start with this… Just to have it finish in the
end of this year.

Is it possible to do the invitation card on the same idea?! I think that we
may be able to come up with some clever idea about the publication and the
invitation card. Just for the moment I have NO idea about this… But I will
absolutely think about it!

I have done a fast sketch about my thoughts about the publication… You can
see it and tell me what or who we gone do this.

I’m a little bite out of energy after this summer, but I will start with
this thing, so we are prepared when we are going to show our things.

Keep in touch and good luck with all your other things too!


Anni, I hope everything is okay with you.

Marta, I’m not going to Spain with my friends this autumn… I jump it!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Exhibition scheduler for 2007.

Exhibition scheduler for 2007.

Gallery name, city/ country and date for exhibit.





May: Galleri Kunstristen, Oslo/Norway 3 May - 13 May. www.kunsthantverk.no

June: Nääs Konsthantverk, Floda/Sweden 26 May - 26june. www.naaskonsthantverk.se

July: Galeria Bielak, Krakow/Poland 9 July - 5 August. www.galeriabielak.pl

August: ------





Please contact some of the participants if You and Your gallery is interesting to show our jewelleries.

Paula Lindblom paula.lindblom@teila.com

Anni Jonsson annijonsson@bredband.net

Marta Miguel marticas23@hotmail.com

Maria Rodrigues mariarodrigues255@hotmail.com

Marie Asbjornsen marieasbj@hotmail.com

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

”Subject; Consumer Society”

A jewellery on-line project

”Subject; Consumer Society”
an international collaboration

Started in February 2005
on initiative of Paula Lindblom

One year later, we are 5 participants in this on-line project.
Some has left the project and some new has entered.

Project Description

In September 2005 we opened up a blogg for this project: www.jewelleryproject.blogspot.com
(Before we communicate over our e-mail addresses)

The background for this project was the idea of making an international collaboration, with jewellery artists from different places around the world. The idea was that the participants would work by themselves in there own hometown, and country. At the same time they are connected, getting feedback and so on from other jewellery artist.
We had a main theme; “The Consumer Society”.
Subtitle and working methods; to work with recycling materials, junk, flea market stuff. To document the work and the process, to have contact with others via internet for discussions, reasoning, constructive critic/response on each others works trough text and photos.

The participant has only met through the internet, not jet in the reality, outside the internet space.

Every participant has made a work and made their own translation of the subject. There has not been any censor in this project.
The project is in constant motion, and some participants are still working on new ideas.

The blogg has become an art piece in itself.
A space for meeting, a space for participating in what’s going on, and coming up etc.

At the blogg, you can see the result so far.
The participants have presented their work in text and photos.

The project will end up with exhibitions in all the different cities/countries where participants live. Everyone who takes part in this project has accepted to arrange for an exhibition, to contact galleries or to find alternative exhibition situations or places.
It is not necessary to show the result of the project in a gallery. It might as well take place in any empty premises in the town where the participant live.

Paula Lindblom 2006-03-03

Monday, March 06, 2006

the plastic from my heart

Red the colour of the blood, energy, strength, force,.....,life.
we are live to consume?? or the consume made us to be alive??
I know that NOW I lives and my heart bitte with force.
I consume a lot of things because I enjoy good health
I can make a lot of things but if I .......
When I began this proyect I asked that question
But now I ask myself what´s the matter if our heart is not going on?
if we have suddenly "plastic heart" could we live like before?
I open my heart and I made objects to approche me to that situation.
Objects:Diferents kind of plastic,pyrite,glass,paper.

Marta Miguel
Artist and geologist
1972, Barcelona
Balmes,369 atº 3ª

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

wise words for us all...

-words on our way-
wise words for us all...

From Maria, through Paula…


I fully understand if you don’t feel ready of if you don’t connect to this project. Following deadlines is quite important in our adult life and specially if you want to accomplish something as an artist. Some people are more enthusiastic than others---they move the world forward!

I believe the "forced" thing is a private matter. I my self feel "fucked up"
with so much work in front of me. But I also have to drink the coffee while it’s warm. After all...isn’t art about taking chances?

I hope that you find out what’s important for you and follow your inner voice, and if you fall into the cold water...swim!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

brooches out of scrap silver and plastic bags

Jewellery artist, M.F.A.

Born: 27 March 1976 in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Vita Liljans väg 92, 2 tr.
127 34 Skärholmen


material: silver, flux, plastic, iron, gold.

About the theme: What strikes me most about flea markets are all the memories that are stored there. I wanted to work with the "consumer society/recycle"- theme from that point of view. The memories left behind were what intrigued me. This was the startingpoint for me.

About the result: I put together pieces out of my own scrap, they are kind of abstractions of memories. I used my leftover silver, the discarded pieces and the spaces in between forms sawed out. The pieces that lay in the "silver junk bin".

You never know what piece of your life is selected to be remembered, it's not as you can chose only the most lovely parts for keeping. But when you look closer the "space in between" can be really beautiful, too. The parts of your life that were only there without no significanse at the time. Nothing particularly interesting said or done... Just ordinary life passing by. In the end, maybe this space inbetween exiting events are really what you cherish. The things that seemed to be nothing at the time.


Necklace. Materials: tin-cans/openers, string, coated stealwire.
Necklace. Materials: newspaper, plasticwire, silver.

Bracelet. Materials: tin-cans/openers, coated stealwire.

Marie Asbjørnsen

Jewellery artist

Born: 12 July 1973 in Norway

Mosseveien 241

1169 Oslo


+47 93263323



The first years I worked with jewellery, I mainly used silver as material in my work. But some years ago, I saw an exhibition of toys, made by children from all over the world, where everything was made out of colourful garbage. These objects impressed me and inspired me so much, that I decided to start working with recycled materials myself.

During the last years, I have travelled to South Africa, Namibia and Mali, to dig deeper into cultures where recycling is a necessity and a common way of thinking. I have been looking for all kinds of things made out of waste; toys, jewellery, sculptures, furniture and shelters. The creativity and the strong will of looking for possibilities rather than despair, has made a strong impression on me.

My jewellery are made out of daily waste as tin-cans and newspapers. I like the idea of refining waste and transform it into something valuable and new!

"It`s just castoff stuff people throw away. Like people who`ve been cast off, and everybody thinks they are worth nothing. I have been there. Beat up, broken down at the buttom. But I had this dream in my head, and that made me more than a piece of junk."

Charlie Lucas, sculptor, Alabama, USA

(From the book "Recycled re-seen: Folk Art from the Global Scrap Heap")


Maria Manuela Rodrigues

Smedløkka Foldvik

33 19 74 41 \ 93 45 18 74

Born: 27.07.69 Madeira

I work with textile, photo and video installations

I remember some of the jewellery neighbours and relatives wore around their necks. It was made of two pieces of material that hang form a silky thread. On these pieces was embroidered the symbols of Jesus meant to protect the user from the devil. Therefore one in front the other in the back.

My pieces are about an inner prayer, an inner complaint, a wish and a secret feeling. The text is formulated like a pun of words. They are about the duality and ambivalence of feelings.

The materials used on my pieces are taken from old clothes, embroidered tablecloths, curtains and lace inherited from an old lady. By using these materials I wish to make visible values about to go lost.
Born: 27.07.69 Madeira

Saturday, February 25, 2006


or QWERTY...

1. Material: Shampoo can, glass beads, nylonline, brooch pin.

Model: Kerstin – Photo: Paula Lindblom

2. Material: Baking tin, glass beads, nylonline, brooch pin.

Photo: Paula Lindblom

Jewellery artist M.F.A

Born: 27 July 1966 in Sundsvall, Sweden

Oljekvarnsgatan 7 b
414 65 Gothenburg



”Have you ever asked yourself why the letters of a typewriter’s keyboard are placed in the order they are?

- No, I have never asked myself that question.
- We can call this keyboard QWERTY, the first keys of the upper row are placed like that.

The first typewriter was evened by Christopher Scholes in 1873, in order to improve the calligraphy. However, soon a problem arose, when the type arms strikes against each other and made it impossible to write.

Then Christopher Scholes designed the keyboard QWERTY, a keyboard which should force the user to write more slowly and not faster. The typewriter's as well as the computer's keyboards were from the beginning designed for slower writing and not faster”.

From Paulo Coelhos Veronika decide morrer.

Translated by Christina Hallberg.