Tuesday, March 07, 2006

”Subject; Consumer Society”

A jewellery on-line project

”Subject; Consumer Society”
an international collaboration

Started in February 2005
on initiative of Paula Lindblom

One year later, we are 5 participants in this on-line project.
Some has left the project and some new has entered.

Project Description

In September 2005 we opened up a blogg for this project: www.jewelleryproject.blogspot.com
(Before we communicate over our e-mail addresses)

The background for this project was the idea of making an international collaboration, with jewellery artists from different places around the world. The idea was that the participants would work by themselves in there own hometown, and country. At the same time they are connected, getting feedback and so on from other jewellery artist.
We had a main theme; “The Consumer Society”.
Subtitle and working methods; to work with recycling materials, junk, flea market stuff. To document the work and the process, to have contact with others via internet for discussions, reasoning, constructive critic/response on each others works trough text and photos.

The participant has only met through the internet, not jet in the reality, outside the internet space.

Every participant has made a work and made their own translation of the subject. There has not been any censor in this project.
The project is in constant motion, and some participants are still working on new ideas.

The blogg has become an art piece in itself.
A space for meeting, a space for participating in what’s going on, and coming up etc.

At the blogg, you can see the result so far.
The participants have presented their work in text and photos.

The project will end up with exhibitions in all the different cities/countries where participants live. Everyone who takes part in this project has accepted to arrange for an exhibition, to contact galleries or to find alternative exhibition situations or places.
It is not necessary to show the result of the project in a gallery. It might as well take place in any empty premises in the town where the participant live.

Paula Lindblom 2006-03-03

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