Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More "Plastilito"

this result more melted is produce when the size of the plastic particle is not so smaller


paula lindblom said...

Hallo. Now I have been out in the storm. I will put in some images later on. I will work with my funded things tomorrow, and I hope something good will come up.

Nice to see this close up photos, it looks like candy and chewing gum, interesting with the transforming!

paula lindblom said...

One question… Have you think about cast this material? So you get “more” 3-D shapes…
Or will you put these 2-D forms together to some kind of 3-D objects, jewelleries?

Marta Miguel said...

How can I do it? Cast the naterial?

I don´t know yet but may be to put together with other material.

paula lindblom said...

I have cast plastic (plastic beads for children), just put it in some kind of metallic tin. May be some kind of baking tin that you find on the flea market… Some tin that you aren’t so found of… because it could be broken. I remember that I put oil in it first, so it doesn’t stick into the tin and get stocked there… Put it into the kitchen own on low heat or use the heat gun.
You have to try it out. But I suggest that you try, because I think you can put this long further.
Remember that the plastic can make dangerous steam. Use protection mask and good ventilation.

//Paula… Look forward your experiment!