Friday, October 27, 2006

creating a new material named Plastilito

A new experiment goes on!

I´m happy only two days and I´m going on,ei!!


paula lindblom said...

Hi Marta!

Nice that you use the blog. I´m curios about this material that you use, can you write the name down of the material and what company who sell it?
BUT, it´s not so much recycling over these pieces, or???
May be you use it with other materials in the end?
Have a nice life and keep on working.

Marta Miguel said...

Hi Paula!!!

Funny ,there isn´t any company that sell it,because I Made it at home.
The tube plastic is transformed into a new plastic material called "plastilito".
This name is because in spanish "lito" is "stone"
and for me "plastilito" is a new kind of stone created from the plastic ( cutting Tubes)that i found surrond me.
well the idea begins that when I go to the beach I found rubbish between stones.I like colecting stones but some times I found plastic things.
One day I thougt that It will look nice if the plastic converts is colored stones.
I tried to do something ,and this is the result.
I don´t know now if I will convine this "plastilito" with others materials for creating new pieces.
I´m in a process.
I know that the others pieces "plastic heart" lookes like more enigmatic but this kind of material may be has a lot posibilities.
Well The process is also the heat.
And these look like more funny than the reddish material.
well ,what do you think so?

and what are you doing now?
best regards and the others

have a nice winter there.

paula lindblom said...

I’m very impressed! Have you created a new kind of material by your self?! Congratulation. Very very interesting! Can you put in a close up image of this object on the blog, so I can see how it seems really near?

I’m going out to the sea front here in Gothenburg today, to look if I can find some “nice” pieces and do jewelleries or object with… I have a new idea about to do jewelleries for a specific place, may be I can work it future to expand it to other places all around the world, later on.

I’m a little bite low today and may be it’s because of the “winter”, the darkness and all the cold days these days…
I have a lots of things to do these days, it’s working to get money to survive, to pay the rent etc, and it’s a lots of interesting scholarship to search, but everything take so much time…

Have a nice day and week. Keep on working and do the experiments with your materials. Look forward to see more of this!


paula lindblom said...

Hi again Marta.

I saw that I could click on the images that you have put in to the blog and then see it “more” close up. I like it! I like the idea and the result, even if you are in the beginning of something, you can draw it future and future. Good luck!

aliciaderosa said...

Ahora entiendo lo de los tufos con los materiales plásticos... la verdad es que es un trabajo interesante. Desde luego, cómo te manejas en inglis! qué envidia. Un beso Marta!!