Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New jewellery (Martina)

Hi everyone,

I have something new to show you!! At last.. It's been very *quiet* on this blog for some time now. You have not given up on this project, have you? My energy is very low this time of year and my working process is slower than ever. It's not going fast but at least it's going forward. I have continued with my woodwork. Take a look at the images I posted in october and then compare them with these..

brooch seen from front, side and back

I think I might have some kind of hoarding tendency when it comes to making jewellery: )


Anni Jonsson said...

Are you still working in this direction?

What is the material? I know its wood, but is it a particular piece of wood?

Pernille said...

It is a really lovely piece, how big is it? And how did you colour it? And was it something else before you made it into this beauty?

Martina Frejd said...

It's not a particular piece of wood, I have used what I've found. From the beginning I had a candelstick, pieces of wood from bookshelves, a chess set and some wood ornament for the window. And some other things. I painted it with acrylic paint. I'll put in a picture to show you the size, but you'll have to wait some more for that. I got a bit exhausted when I made this (I made more than one;) I wanted to continue with them but I found it so tiresome I couldn't continue. Hopefully I can continue later. Now I have to find something different.