Sunday, November 06, 2005

Title: fantasy no.1 (Paula)

Idea: To use everday things mixed with flea market stuff and do things thatpeople can recognize... May be not for the first time they are looking onit, but when they have look at it for awile...
Material: Deocan, porcelainbear, plasticbeads, mold plastic, agate. (deoflaska, porslinsbjörn, plastpärlor, formbar plast, agat)


Anni Jonsson said...

Hello Paula, I get a happy feeling when I see this work of yours!

I want to take a closer look at your pictures, but it's not possible to make them larger... :-(

Martina Frejd said...

Hello Anni/the rest. I posted Paulas photos.. (She asked me to)I believe it was possible to take a closer look at the original photos but I changed them.. sorry! Maybe Paula could post a new photo (detailed) or the original pictures when she is back from Africa...:-)