Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This is an project in constant movement…

This is an project in constant movement…

The on-line jewellery project; consumer society started in February 2005.
It started with an idea and question to jewellery artist around the world.

The idea was that jewellery artist/designers could sit in there own hometown, studios and workshops, and be in a (internet) relation to other as well… That everyone is working with there own things, against the same subject; flee market stuff, garbage, recycling materials etc.
That everyone is doing the own interpretation of the consumer society/culture.
The project was built up with the idea that we all could communicate at the internet with eight other… That we could use the internet, to show what we were doing and hear what other think about our work, thoughts etc.

This was not an easy part!
When I started this project I thought that everyone has the same energy as I against this…
I have one idea that this project was a way to do what I want (and what other wants to do to…). Do my own things against some kind of subject, together with others, but still alone…
The jewellery world is built up with a lot of different competitions; you have to compete with other colleges.
I don’t like the idea that “every time” you want to show what you have done, you have to get the luck to “win” some competition… You need the galleries and other people’s thoughts about things… (this is my generalize).
This project has no censure; we can show our things at other places than galleries if we want, we can do it our own way… (I hope).

We started to communicate at our e-mail addresses, that was not an easy way…It takes time with sending images and so on to everyone.

BUT, then in September Anni, one of the members started the blog!
A new start on this project!!! An easy way to communicate, to see and take part!

The blog has got to be an art piece in it self. It’s a good way to see the process, the way everyone thinks about the consumer society, the consumer culture. What’s we all are inspiration in, in the way to work as jewellery artist/designers against this subject.

It ´s a nice way to get a general view over what everyone is doing, thinking etc.

At first we were 12 jewellery artist/designers in this project.
But now has 4 left the project, of different reasons…

For the moment we are 8 persons who are active in this project.
8 jewellery artist/designers who want to do this, which got the time and energy and in the end want to show our things on some place in every town, city, country we live in.

So keep on communicate, show inspiration images, things you are doing and come up with.
Send the blog further to other people, jewellery artist/ designers etc.

The next deadline is 9th January 2006.
Everyone should been ready physical, everyone should have done 3-5 pieces about the subject, some text about what you have donned, who you are… Or what ever?!

One of the ideas in this concept was that we would do some kind of paper for this project, some kind of info who we could give to galleries etc.
Now we got the blog, and that a nice way to show what we are doing and what the physical resulted is.

After the deadline we all take contact with different places, to find places to show our project.

Keep on communicate with eight other during the time…

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Anni Jonsson said...

I think the blog had a somewhat slow start but now it's happening! :-)
I'm glad you decided to move the date forward. Now it's moving forward, feels like a bit too early to stop just now.

A month left to work like a maniac!! I want to have mooooore time for this blogging now when we got started propperly! But good to have a whip also...