Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I get it It´s going on

Hi !!!!!
I´m painting again that is the last work
It´s not finish yet .It´s about a new life.

the others 2 photos: new material that someone give me a month ago.
I want to find a way to put colour on my creations.
and with melted plastic was a way but now I get it and I will destroy it.
what is going to happen ,I don´t know
but I would like to find mu way between painting and objects

well see you again
best regards for all of you.

there is a place in www.fotolog.com/lahtidos you could see the last places that I visited.


paula lindblom said...

I like the colour and the shapes, but I think your plastic things still are interesting and I hope that you don’t drop that idea. I’m a little bite curios about how you loose the brooch mechanism on the plastic object you have showed earlier. It feels like the melted plastic “things” fit well in, in the on-line project…

Marta Miguel said...

I don´t drop the idea
I loose it because the mechanism was glued on the plastic and I made force for checking if it was resistent.
I need to put inside the silver do you understand me?

paula lindblom said...

Yes I understand you. It’s hard sometimes to know how to do things the ”best” way, sometime you have to rest from the piece and later on return with a solution.
Keep on working!
For the moment it’s just you and I who use the blog, its a little bite pity.
But that’s life.