Saturday, October 29, 2005

fascinating stories..

Some weeks ago I passed a shop with the text "shopping therapy" on the window. Shopping as therapy seems to be both common and accepted as well as encouraged. Wich surprises me. Looking into the world of "consumerism" there are a lot of things to be surprised about and fascinated by. Stories about hoarding for instance. I'm sure you've all heard one before. If not;

"The San Diego Humane Society reported that last year there were five major cases of animal hoarding. These five cases involved a total of more than 245 animals. These hoarders became so focused on acquiring animals, and had so many, that eventually they were not able to properly provide for these animals, or for themselves. And they failed to recognize this as a problem." Read more at

The picture tells the story?
"Basically, 2,000 kilos of rubbish were removed in late August from the apartment, at no. 13 where I once lived"...
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Fascinating reeding.