Friday, September 16, 2005

paula (about the project)


I have a question (Martina has already asked…)
How often are you checking your e-mail or checking the Blog?
Its a little bite interesting to know, because if this project will go on, you have to communicate over the blog, so all other could see what’s on.

* personally I check may e- mail almost everyday…

I have already got some response of this blog from people outside the project.
For the moment it’s just good and nice response!
- a interesting project… Love Jönsson
- a interesting project, I will tell the student in HDK at the jewellery apartment about this blog and project. Gunilla Grahn
- I like the avocado stuff. Dan Helgesen
- tell me more… Susie Siverland

I think WE are going into something interesting, something that can expand and develop further if everyone take this on –line project serious and take some time for this communicating way.

So dear jewellery on – line project friends,
keep on working and please tell the others what’s on!

This is a project about the consumer culture, and everyone has a interesting way to solve this, and put it into the jewellery world.

For me jewelleries are a little bite as “talk- about”, signs; to show others, who I’m and so on…
It’s not necessary that it will be exclusive materials and that are a little my point of view in this project… It’s possible to create with recycling materials, garbage’s etc.
As Anni said; I dig there I stand… That’s a nice point of view, I think.
Because we all have something near by to work with… If we got the curiosity, the creativity and the idea to tell something and create something about it, the ideas and the materials that come in our way…

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