Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A critique sight (Marta)

my first broche with plastic ,paper of the wall and cristal


paula lindblom said...


Keep on working! Very interesting I think. Look forward to see more!

paula lindblom said...

Hi Marta!

Why did you take the other photos away?

Plaese put them back! They was nice as an inspiration!

Marta Miguel said...

Hi Paula
Martina has removed the pictures
Tomorrow I´ll post them again

Pernille said...

Hi Marta

I think it looks really good. Are you making more?

Anni Jonsson said...

I think about hospital. Maybe it is the white color, and some kind of "instrument"-feeling i get...

Is there text also?
It looks interesting. And slippery.

Anni Jonsson said...

I took a closer look by enlarging the photo... so now i now there IS text:)
But what does the text say? Why is it up side down? Is it a secret? I read it as a secret.

This is very different from your other more resent pictures. Did you make more like this?

Do you like this? (I do)

Marta Miguel said...

well I read it again and now one year later the piece has a biggest meaning.
the word is "essence" in spanish "esencia"
the piece talks about that the life the soul the essence be permanent while the body changes.