Thursday, September 15, 2005

paula; avisen & inspiration photos

I have send the blog to as a link.
You find it under Member news

Inspiration photos:


paula lindblom said...

Or at least try to do it...

Totally chaos.
Collecting things/jewellery stuff.

My wardrobe
My other chaotic wardrobe...
yarn (cotton), inspiration photos.

In my bathroom…
WHY have I so much of everything, when I’m alone?!

Ugly toys I collected from flea markets.

I never use sunglasses, BUT I collected them (?!)

"Free" postcards. (Good to have things...) 5280= News papers...

Plastic from Japan, Poland and Sweden. I LOVE PLASTIC!

Just for the moment this is my quandary... What should I do with everything???
For the moment I use these photos as some kind of inspiration... I work with the avocado shell idea to, may be I can do some cross over?!

Pernille said...

Some really good questions in here. Love all the things you have, looks like you just have to start.