Sunday, September 18, 2005

floating!!!! (Marta)

Hi every body
this is a new idea
Plastic melted
It ´s floatting jejjejje


paula lindblom said...

How do you think about this in the consumer soceity? Are this some kind of conecting with your other project, the one with the wall paper? I think it look nice, but I don´t realy undestand the point of view... Please tell me about the toughts.

Marta Miguel said...

ok if you remember ,plastic for me is one of the material of muy project ,because is the joint between image (wall Paper) and wood
I´m doing some king of experiment before with plastic,cut it and melting.

I think that the contrast will be the wood smoked with the color of plastic and images in it

I take this three materials
I send you more photos

what do you think?

paula lindblom said...

Hi Marta!
Now I understand your point of view a little bite more… I really like the shadows of the plastic things in the water… It gets my new ideas about the consumer society. To work with the shadows of the “all” the products in our surroundings in daylight or in night time, the unknown side of all kind of products… Some kind of “left behind” thoughts.
I look forward to see more of your things and I’m glad that you working with this project serious!

Anonymous said...

hej hej...