Saturday, February 25, 2006


or QWERTY...

1. Material: Shampoo can, glass beads, nylonline, brooch pin.

Model: Kerstin – Photo: Paula Lindblom

2. Material: Baking tin, glass beads, nylonline, brooch pin.

Photo: Paula Lindblom

Jewellery artist M.F.A

Born: 27 July 1966 in Sundsvall, Sweden

Oljekvarnsgatan 7 b
414 65 Gothenburg


”Have you ever asked yourself why the letters of a typewriter’s keyboard are placed in the order they are?

- No, I have never asked myself that question.
- We can call this keyboard QWERTY, the first keys of the upper row are placed like that.

The first typewriter was evened by Christopher Scholes in 1873, in order to improve the calligraphy. However, soon a problem arose, when the type arms strikes against each other and made it impossible to write.

Then Christopher Scholes designed the keyboard QWERTY, a keyboard which should force the user to write more slowly and not faster. The typewriter's as well as the computer's keyboards were from the beginning designed for slower writing and not faster”.

From Paulo Coelhos Veronika decide morrer.

Translated by Christina Hallberg.


paula lindblom said...

Hi everyone.

I understand that all of you don’t understand the text (under) but I want to have it in/on my blog site any way, because I think it’s nice that people in this project like my things and my photos of the jewelleries I have done, but they have told me this by my e-mail address, and I think it belongs on the blog… So that people in the project and people out of it, also can see it!
First is it about the handsome boy I have as model.
Second is that Martina, Marie and Gila likes the big flower brooch on the old lady.
Thank you very much!
That’s the way I want to be in this project and way I started it from the beginning… To do things by my self and then get response on it! It’s hard to work by your self without some reaction, good or bad…of your things.
I think its a little bite unfortunate that we don’t use the blog more in this direction, but on the other hand, this is a project that are in transformation! It’s a process, and it’s no censor in this project.

2006 02 21
Var inne på bloggen nyss- såg att du lagt in bilder, vad har du hittat för snygging till fotomodell!!??? Roligt att se dina grejer i helbild. Svejs/Mart.

2006 02 22.
Är det det du skrev sist om pärlorna ett citat eller ditt eget ordspråk? Fint! Det ska jag ju fråga på bloggen förstås!.//MART.

2006 02 26
Fikk jo ikke sagt at jeg likte brosjene dine også, ikke bare bildene! Fin helhet! Jeg synes blomsten passet så perfekt på den eldre damen, nettopp fordi den var så fargerik og frodig!
Beste hilsen

2006 02 26
Hej, vilken fin bild!! perfekt modell för den fina blomman!

2006 02 26
Hei Paula!
Så fine bilder du har lagt ut!! Veldig kult med den eldre damen!! Ü Marie

2006 02 27
Hej igen Paula!
Har lige tittat på blokken, oh var skønnar smykkan du har gjort!Det var så inspirerende at se.
Krama ..Gila

paula lindblom said...

How do I do to change photos?!
When I mark the photo and then push on return... Nothing happends. Why?! I thinking of change some of the photos... If it is possible. Not to other images, just the same but from an other angle... But may be it´s not nessesery?! Because this with the blog in all honour, but... tell me if someone knows how to change photos... Other wise, forget it!