Tuesday, February 21, 2006

From avocado pell to plastic cans...

From avocado pell to platsic cans, and some glass beads...

Here are some photos on model about my way of working to find the idea about the consumer society. It’s a lot of ideas; it’s a lot of materials…Or may be the combination of materials?!
I’m interesting about the things we have in our homes, everyday life things and the combination with glass beads.
I have new ideas to work further with; one thing leads to the other. That’s a nice feeling, to see what’s happened and take responsibility for the “next” thing/idea that shows up.
This is not the end...I hope that the end never shows up, it’s a process.

“Every glass bead is a thought, a hope about love and happiness.”

“Contemplative condition in a hectic consumer society, fast, fast…”

Material: avocado peel, deo cans to soap cans and plastic/glass beads and porcelain figure.
Model: Saidi Nangemo
Photo: Paula Lindblom

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