Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Deadline 26 February 2006

ONCE AGAIN, 26th of February is the DEADLINE
for the on-line project;
”subject; consumer society” an international collaboration.

I have changed the name a little bite. I hope that is okay?!

Here is my proposition about everyone’s space… In this order… So it’s easy to take part:

Paula Lindblom
Jewellery artist M.F.A

Born: 27 July 1966 in Sundsvall, Sweden

Oljekvarnsgatan 7 b
414 65 Gothenburg Sweden

+46 709 186937


Text about the object, materials and so on… For example; necklace, material; plastic can, glass beads.

TEXT about your “work”.

1 comment:

paula lindblom said...

We have to put the photos first, thats the way the blog is function... So the photos first, then may be the text about the "thing", material, model, photograp etc.
Or, just do it your own way, but have all the info in!
Keep on working in to the end. I look forward to see the result!