Saturday, September 09, 2006

I think we end this in a good way; we have to see this project as an experiment.

I think we end this in a good way; we have to see this project as an experiment.
I think we have done it well, even if I thought that this project would be muche easier to do…
I thought that people/jewellery artist who accepted this cooperation was more “ON”, that the project would develop into some thing big, interesting because of the jewellery artist who join this on-line project. But I have learned that people want to have frames, have some one who got the last word and so on, and that was never my idea about this project… I think the once who is left, is strong and good working jewellery artist, and I really look forward to the exhibition with this people and meet them in the reality!

So, NOW we use the blog once again to the first exhibition in Norway/Oslo 2007.

Keep on working and I think it would be nice if you put in your other exhibitions on the blog too, Even if it some parallel things I think it’s interesting for me and others to see what on.

Kind regards Paula


Marta Miguel said...

thanks Paula
one year more past and that one was interesting for this colaboration.
thanks a lot for put the frame I like the idea that you had.

yes I would like to see your new proyect and exhibitions here.
show please new things!!

paula lindblom said...

Hi Marta…

I hope this new project will end up well. I look forward to work with this people.
Of course, when I have something to show I will put it in to the blog.
I haven’t work and done any jewellery for awhile now, my last exhibition in Stockholm in June, take a lot of time and energy… So I have rest from these jewellery thoughts this summer, just taken photos and being creative in the photo way, inspirer of things around me in the surroundings…
I will also start to do enamelwork “paintings”, bigger things than jewelleries…This enamelwork fit me very well, and I like the idea of doing paintings with enamel…

If you have some “new” things that you have been working with, please put them in at the blog, so I/we can see it!