Thursday, September 07, 2006

skip catalogue,no more exhibitions?

I everybody I can´t talk with anyone of yours.
My comunication is only by mail and/or on the blog.

Then I will give it a try

I kept silence for a long time ,sorry

if all of you decide that the best option is to skip the catalogue,them I agree.

In other hand ,I think that the process of this proyect could be explain in a memory or text.
well I hope see more words on the blog ,discussions or not.

see you


paula lindblom said...

Hi Marta and you all.

I think I drop the publication and I don’t think we will exhibit in some other places either...

We do what we have to do, and we do it good!

Then we can see if we or some others will make some "new" try to work this way, just to communicate on the blog, internet and then come together...

I will start a little different project now, working with mental retarded people in a workshop of two weeks, the subject is; what we find in the nature.
I look forward this new project a lot, because I think this people could be a source of inspiration and give them self and me a new view of what jewellery can be and look like, interesting to see what’s coming up.
I will document this workshop and process and I hope I get the opportunity to show it later on, together with this group and may be just by my self…
I also have a wish that this project will lead me further in my own work with recycling materials and jewellery makings…


Everyone: Keep on working and don’t stops believe of what you are doing!

Marta Miguel said...

very interesting !!!!
yes I think the same the next exhibitions could change the way to do in group and the way on-line,bt I like this experiment,really!!

paula lindblom said...

Hi Marta.

I don’t really understand what you are written about the exhibition, but I understand that you like this way of working. I agree, if this has gone the way I want and thought from the beginning, I had really really like this way of working too. I think this is a nice free way of working, be in your own studio and get in contact with others over the internet and the get response of what you are doing and thinking about some shape problem etc. The hardest thing to be an artist is for me just this loneliness, I need the loneliness in my own process, but I also need to share my thoughts and objects “born” with others who knows what I’m may be looking for in some kind of idea or way… If you understand what I’m trying to say?!
I need to know that “I’m on the right way”, that someone else understands my point of view etc.
I think this is a need for all humans, to be shore that they are in the right direction…in some how…
The greatest thing with this project for me is; first all the people I get in contact with, the second is that we can do our one rules for our existents as jewellery artist, we don’t need competitions, galleries and so on, IF we don’t what. We can with this project create our own rules… NO CENSURING!
We can work, just follow our feelings, not the society “laws” what’s good or bad in the jewellery world… Just create in the way we want, with our own experience from schools, every day life’s and so on.
For me this way of working is the free way of create.
The less nicer thing with this project; That I’m NOT so good at English, that’s a huge problem for me, I like to discuss and talk and now I have to think twice and even if I’m doing that, it’s come out the wrong way how ever… But I really really try to get it the right way.
The second thing is that jewellery artist who think this was a nice idea, and say yes to be in, and later on don’t have the time, the ideas, the computer experience and so on… Some one just thought it was to end up when we have the shows in the end of this project, to let others do the work on the blog and the just show up with “good looking” things. That was never my idea about this project, I thought that I got the idea, put up some frames and the project would develop into some kind of movement, everything depends on the once who was in… But all this things you already know.

I think we need to use the blog a little more now… to communicate over the blog, not by e-mail, even if I like to get e-mail as well.

It would be interesting to have some discussing about what’s the point of doing all this recycling jewelleries… Why we are interesting of this view etc.

We also need to start communicate about how we will show our things together… if we should have some kind of concept for the shows, how many things each etc.
We also need to do invitation cards to at lest Nääs Konsthantverk here in Gothenburg… When I find the papers about this I will return to your all about this agreement.

Now I will go out in a nice sunny autumn weather here in Gothenburg!