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More e-mail thoughts...

More e-mail thoughts... 2006-09-09
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From Maria Asbjornsen 2006 09 08 13.15
Hi everybody!
I toatally agree, paula, no one has done anything wrong, so this is not a complaning to anyone. I have been very silent myself, so I just needed to check it out, what you were all thinking!

So Martina, please do not take this personaly, I did not mean that you should leave the group!
I look foreward to see all the work live, and hopefully to meet you all!

We make the three exhibitions we have planned. Yesterday I had an opening in the same gallery, together with six other jewellers in Oslo. It was very nice, and the exhibition turned out to be very nice looking, so I am happy I now know the room a little bit before our exhibition is coming up! It will be great!

Your english is much better than mine, Paula, so no probleme! It sounded like a very nice welcome for your south african friend, by the way..

Have a very nice wekend, everybody!
All the best, Marie

From: "paula lindblom"
To: "'marta miguel'" ,"Anni Jonsson"
Subject: SV: SV: SV: VB: ops !!
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 09:43:26 +0200

I don't think anyone has done anything wrong, that's not the problem.
The problem has been the communication and silence from "all" the once
who are in this...
I think the silence come from everyone, even the people who ask a
question about to cancel it, BUT I also think that it is GOOD that this
question is coming up. Under the time this project has been going on, I
have must end up deadlines, at lest 2 times or may be it's 3 times? I
think that shows that people have a hard time to follow the "rules" and
be in time etc. Now we are there again, but this time I don't like the
idea of ending it like this, because I can't tell the places who has
said yes, that we cancel it. I can't! This was my biggest fear when I
contacted the galleries and so on, that someone gone get cold feet and don't show up... But I trust all of you who are in this project!!! I
thought that this not gone be a problem, we all know the rules and
agree with it...

I understand that my English was terrible in the last mail, tired,
confused and sad... And I want to write back as soon as possible.
Sorry, sorry, I hope you understand my Muppet show English.

All the best, Paula

Från: marta miguel []
Skickat: den 6 september 2006 09:17
Ämne: RE: SV: SV: VB: ops !!

ops! too
I don´t understand anything
what´s happen?

I read it now in the moorning and I surprise for the words of Marie

I am going to think during the day
if you believe that I must go out well It will be an opinion really
important for me because I respect your decision all the time.

be quite
and think
I´m going to do this

I hope every one is happy with the work

sorry for my fault
if you think that I made it.

From Marta Miguel 2006 09 07 00.10

have a nice time with them

some questions:

now we are going to comunicate another time with the blog?

we are not to do the catalogue?

sorry for my poor english
but I understand your words

well if we are on it ,at the end we could finish the proyect with your first idea,Paula,exhibit the work and the proyect.
and if the proyect is in some how poor or not an artistic piece of art,well that is the result of a new idea to work on a group ,and original way to do,to comunicated with peolple that I never see and know.
I never see the process and the discussion of the people that prepare an exhibition.
some times people send the pieces on a date and that all and in this proyect you can see and talk about the pieces on the process It´s good it´s different way to do.
and I think it has more value for the reason that the comunication by mailing is more dificult

well I will going to improve my english and my thougts and talk with you and the others.

best regard and good luck with the future exhibitions

From: "paula lindblom"
To: "Anni Jonsson" ,"Anni Jonsson">,,
Subject: now "everything" at the blog...
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 15:31:01 +0200

NOW dear jewellery friends!

I have put out in our discussion on the blog.

I think the discussion belong at the blog and not just by e-mail.

Have a nice day!

Now I will cook some codfish and Swedish yellow chantarelles for my
South African friend who just arrived to Gothenburg airport.

All the best Paula

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