Sunday, September 10, 2006

my point of view, about...

- Why recycling material?

- Why use recycling material into jewelleries?

- How do I think about jewelleries made out of garbage, recycling, flea market stuff, seeds etc?

- How do others look at jewellery made out of these materials?

- What is a recycling material? Could it be what ever? Include seeds, dried plants, moose dropping etc.

- Is it recycling material as fast as you use it or turn it in to another context?

I feel happy when I see things that have been transforming from one material into another, or have been putting in a new context. But I don’t know where the limit is for recycling material, is it just your own imagination the limit or is it some limit in the society?

As jewellery artist, is it necessary to use silver and gold and other precious metal?
I don’t think so, but I have seen a lot of jewellery artist working and using recycling materials, the vintage and so on, and they also use gold and silver details with these materials…
Some times I get the feeling that the colour and shape aren’t enough. That some of this jewellery artist don’t trust the material and actually need to bring in silver /gold etc. into the jewellery…
Or may be they want to proof that they can handle these kind of material as well (silver, gold) to proof that they have the knowledge…

For me I think it’s more interesting to see what’s coming out of a material, to press it till some limit in it self… Without using precious metal, or noble stones, pearls and so on.
BUT in the same time, I’m use glass beads, ready made porcelain figure that I have found at flea markets…Where are the different?
I don’t know where the limit goes, when the line is crossed…
It’s no point to use material only because of the value of the material I think, it’s better to use the material you need to visualise the thing you want to do and the story you need to tell/do.
First the thought then the material.

Why I’m using recycling materials?

1. It’s a comment of this society we all are a part of… We have a very small choice to use refill system and everything is cheaper to buy new, then try to repair it.
Using shampoo cans, deo cans etc. I show my statement that it’s possible to use these things again in another way…
Only the imagination is your limit!
To use these kind of material, gives me the opportunity to show others that we live in a over consumer society.
2. I think that this material who are for free… is interesting for me to use as a jewellery maker. First of all, I can’t afford to work experimental in the way I want with silver and gold, I don’t have that kind of workshop or studio for that moment and my purse as a jewellery is too small, actually…
3. I like the challenge about this, I have always been interesting to find things and transform them into something “new” or something different. I feel a strong fascination to doing these kinds of jewelleries, using recycling materials, flea market stuff etc.
I’m fascination about that me and other people can see things in a material and the transform it, bring out something new from a piece of “garbage”, that other people will trough away.

Why jewelleries?

For me it has always been interesting, calm to sit and doing “small” things…
It’s a way of meditation, focus on small complicated things, putting together, take a way and so on… When I turn into this “small” meditation world, I can be there for hours. When I’m working I’m curios about what’s coming up next if I add something or take a way from the next jewellery or object, small changes… The process leads me further, my curiosity has no end.

Now I am working with mostly necklace and brooches…
Necklace because they have a central place on the body, it’s close to the heart and the soul.

Brooches is interesting in that way that you are able to put them everywhere you want, assume that you have clothes on… It’s just and only the imagination who stops you.

- I like the size of jewelleries…

- I like the idea of using the body as a showcase.

- I like that people has to take responsibility of what they choose to wear, it’s always a statement to wear jewelleries… In one way or another.


who try very hard to tell her piont of view, about why; jewlleries and recycling stuff.

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