Monday, January 16, 2006

reflections... and name

It’s really popular just for the moment all about this consumer society, and recycling subject… It’s a lot of vintage in the fashion magazine and shops, artists are working with recycling, writers are writing about it etc.

I saw a program on the television about Erlend Loe, a Norwegian writer, talking about his last book; Dobbler… It’s about a man who doesn’t want to be excellent and good, moving out in the forest and so on… I haven’t read this book jet, but it’s on my list.
Erlend Loe talks about the book that it was some kind of reflection about the consumer society, to walk a way from it and live the own life, to take what the nature and the forest giving us, not just buying things and be excellent citizens etc.

It’s a little bite in the time to reflect over the consumer society and the culture we are living in. I think that it is good that people reflect over this, this in my eyes a over consumer society.
I like that we and other artist use this subject to do something about it, and I like that we get so far with this project.

If someone in the project find text or other material about how much we consume, would it be nice to put it into the blog, as a parallel and a comments to this things we are working with.
I’m a little bite curios about this vintage by my self, last year 2005 seems like a very popular year to call flea market stuff for vintage and also jewelleries made out of flea market stuff etc… a “new” fashion word.

If you who is in this project get comments from friends or jewellery artist, please put it into the blog, so the rest of us also can see what other are thinking about this project, or may be you can ask people to leave comments to you, and then you could put it into the blog?!

You also have to start thinking about when and were we can show the things in your surroundings. I have a plan that we can show this on Nääs Konsthantverk, may be in May 2007. May be it’s also possible to have some kind of workshop in the same time?!
I know this in February…about the date to exhibit, so I return later on.

A last question; is it okay to change the name on this project to?:
The Consumer society – The Consumer culture.
Now we call it the on-line jewellery project… But I think if we should have an exhibition name, this is a better name.


Martina Frejd said...

Hi Paula,
Maybe the consumerism topic is more popular than ever but has in not always been popular? It's just the attitude towards it that changes. What I find today, when looking around, is that it seems to be a more positive attitude now towards consumerism AND recycling. Not so many critical voices and not so many people/artists wanting to make a statement. Some years ago recycling was as relevant as today but more of a burden.. Maybe there were less artists/people working with recycling then but the consumer society was more of a burning issue that had to be highlighted (criticized). Today on the other hand more people seem to enjoy recycling- re-making. But not as a statement about the consumer society.

Pernille said...

I actually really like the name 'The Consumer society - The on-line jewellery project', as I think the other one you mentioned is more political. And what I like about this project is that we, from the start, have seen ourselves as part of this consuming society.... ?