Monday, January 09, 2006

The on-line jewellery project

Dear Jewellery Friends.

I hope your New Year has started well?!

I have set up a deadline date at the 9th of January, BUT I have to change it.
I put the next deadline to the end of February 2006.

I and we started this on-project in February 2005 and I think it’s nice to show each other what we have coming up with under this year…
- In text and images, jewelleries that we have done about this subject; the consumer society and the consumer culture.
After that everyone who is in this on-line project has show the idea, the things and so on, we can started to take contact with gallery’s, magazines, people who may be can response at our work.
I have some ideas about to take this further, but I’m waiting for your things, the text and the images…
The blog is an art piece init self, but the final is to show our things at places in the hometown of every participant.

I’m have to tell you all, that I’m a little disappointed about this on-line project and it have take a lots of my energy to push this further on.
But I will end it! Absolutely...
I think that if you have said YES to this, that you want to be a part of this on –line project, you also have to act. Some of you haven’t been “so” in… When I’m written this I still don’t know who is in or who is out, and I think that’s a little bite sad for the people who is really in and take this project serious, even if I and some others are doing other things on the same time… We are still in this project and communicate with each other over the blog.

Please, you who know that you don’t have use the blog or communicate, can you for the last time tell me and the others if you are in or out!
I have says NO to someone, and I think you have to answer once for all.

I have also invited two jewellery artist from South Africa and the Cape Town area; Verna Jooste and Karen Jay.
They are both working with recycling jewelleries and they are really good!
I hope they will replay as soon as possible, but I know that they have summer holiday just now and Verna Jooste work on the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, and I have only here work mail.

So, keep on working and if you don’t want to be in this project, please tell me and the others as fast that you can! So Anni can do the final set up for this blog.

All the best


Anni Jonsson said...

Hope your trip to Africa was NICE!!!
I'm happy to see that you decided to give the project some more time... I want to get further in this project, with my own work also.

Marta Miguel said...

Ei Paula Good notice!!!!
Congratulations for your energy
I´m In ,sure,thanks for give more time I need it.
It´s complicated for all us do a lot things at the same time.
I will be in touch ,dont worry for the silence.

paula lindblom said...

Now, in this day, we are 7 participants in this project and I hope that I can get in contact with the two in South Africa soon!
Sarah will help us to see if it´s possible to show our things over there, in the U.S... Nice!
The new date for the deadline is 26 of February.
Keep on working and think about how you will show your things, and what text you want and need for this on-line project.
When everyone is on the blog, I will contact some people in our jewellery worl and see if they will be nice and do some comments of this project... It would be really interesting if someone knows someone how can write about the consumer society, the consumer culture... I´m working omn this to.

Martina Frejd said...

Hello. Welcome back Paula. I'm still in, don't worry about me being silent sometimes. And don't be disappointed!!! Be proud for taking the initiative to start something like this. This project might turn out a lot different than we all expected from the start- maybe there will be less participants in the end. Or maybe there will be new ones? The number of participants really doesn't matter I think. I belive we need a deadline, but I'm happy that Paula changed the date. Maybe we have to accept that this is a slow project.(but keep on working!)

paula lindblom said...

I´m glad that you think this is a project to work futher with. I don´t care how many, if everyone who is in, working and communicate!
I have been out to Nääs Konsthantverk today and may be it´s possible for us and this project, to show our things in May 2007. I know the dates after 8th of February 2006.
I´m one of the memebers in this now, and I´m really glad for it!
So keep on working!
Still I have the energy for this project, but I need feedback... May be everyone needs feedback?!

Anni Jonsson said...

Paula you are doing a fantastic job with pushing this forward!

I hope all will be really active the last month and bomb the blog with thoughts/comments/photos! I think it will accelerate from now on!


paula lindblom said...

Thank you for trust my energy about this, I´m working with this as much that I work with my own things to the blog and the later on shows...

I really hope that an explosion will happend! It would be nice if things are happend!

So keep on working dear friends!