Wednesday, January 11, 2006

beer cans as toys

Here is some images from my trip to South Africa/Cape Town. 7 nov- 7 dec. 2005.
It´s recycling things from beer cans, toys for children.

My trip to South Africa was a really good source of inspiration!

I saw a lots of interesting things and I meet a lots of interesting and friendly people, most craftsman.

(This is also a test to see if I could put in some images by my self, Anni has been to my apartment this evening and show me how to do it. Thanks!!!)


Anni Jonsson said...

:)Nice, it's working now!

I am happy that your journey was a source of inspiration!

Pernille said...

Did you see more wonderful things you can show us?

paula lindblom said...

I have taking about 1000 photos on my trip in South Africa, al lots of inspiration photos... May be I put in some more later on... I´m glad that you like the photos!