Sunday, January 15, 2006

words from a friend

I had this email from my girlfriend about our project, and just wanted to share it.

"Was reading about a cafe in Berlin called cafe Kauf Dich Gluecklich, buy to make yourself happy, where you can buy the furniture, the pictures and even the waitresses earrings, while eating wafers and ice cream. Perhaps you could do something similar with your consumer jewellery project. As one of your exhibitions you could have a cafe for a few days and wear all your jewellery. Combine some kind of thought salon with market and trading, creating desire and repulsion with your bejewelled ness.

I like how in consumer thinking the lines get blurred between people and objects. I also think its slightly creepy too! Its funny how recycling seems to have become the flip side of the coin to the consumer market and how there is so much morality and value judgements inherent in the terms themselves.

I loved the melted plastic and the blurred posters.

It is also so sexual , consume, consummate, consume her
gobble gobble greedy gob

Its a great idea that you are working this way. Look forward to seeing lots more images liked your sauce bottles. Made me think how an element of the consumer society is to sauce it up, make it less bland.

Also thought about the concerns over whether something is useful may be useful or useless . All very utilitarian thinking.

loved Ruudt(red?) Peters website and the phrase
if you grasp at things desirously
beauty retreats
that is somehow the essence of it all

Thank you for sharing all this with me. its lovely to have these things to go and think about and these images to enjoy."

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paula lindblom said...

Interesting! Would be nice to know who was writing this.
And I look forward to see the images of your jewellery on the body.
Nice and good that you are in the blog active now. Like it, like it!