Thursday, January 12, 2006

Happy New Year

I am still working with my child-woman-man consumer, trying to creat images of different needs that are related to consuming.... ? I think these hankies have potential for the woman, together with some pearls from the fifties.

I don't know if I will manage to make pieces for all 3 groups, and my main focus is still on the child (my first model is the yellow 'padding')

I have found some items that I want to use for my child piece. Teddy bears, gloves and watch straps. I would like my piece to be made up of these things into many little paddings, but in such a way that they can also be spilt up and placed all over the body, or trail along after you on a long chain

Gloves found round about remind me of the way we all need company, to be close, to be touched - and I replace presens with teddy bears to hug for when I am not there.

Here they are nesting together, waiting for more friends.


paula lindblom said...

Fine! I really like the small (?!) creations. Nice to see your work, finally... Good that you know how to put in the image on the blogg.
Would be nice to see this creations on some body... So you can related the size.
Keep on working!

paula lindblom said...

I have to say, that more that I look at your things I really love them!
But still I want to see them on the body, related to children... Please! Show me the things on some body...

Anni Jonsson said...

The thing with "wrong-looking" teddybears is that they are really scary.
I don't think yours look scary, but more sad.
They are like trying to be a teddybear... If you make them big they might be scary though. I imagine them as about 10 cm???

(I emideately come to think about how some children get so many christmus-gifts that they don't even have the energy to open them all....)

Anni Jonsson said...

I've been thinking... about your first yellow "padding" you made compared to this... The yellow "padding" strikes me as some kind of hindering weight to carry around.These are more like "memories" to carry around. The fist yellow was like from a "political" point of view and the teddys are more from a personal. Thats how I think when I see them, not taking so much notis of your text.

My comment abow about christmus-gifts was refering to children vs consumerism. Not your objects.

Do you have children? (*curious*)

Anni Jonsson said...

By the way I like these teddybear pieces of yours!

Pernille said...

Thanks blog friends, for all you inspiring comments. It is really nice to get some respones on this rather weird piece. I am actually really enjoying it myself with them and they look happier in real life. But sometimes its hard to know how something comes across.

Paula, I promise I will be back with pictures of them on the body.

And I think of them as a common human need for companianship. But also in the way that you say, Anni, with children getting so many gifts thay can't open them all up. Consuming as a substitute for covering very basic needs.

And yes, I have 3 children. And they have been given very many teddybears, but only 1 each from me.

Martina Frejd said...

You've found a very interesting angle- Goes straight to my heart. Teddybears.. I've seen teddybear artwork once before and it was memorable! (eeh..I don't remember the name of the artist or his intention, but I remember the teddybears) It was a dutch artist (I belive) who had collected teddybears and turned them inside out then displayed them on the wall. There were a lot of teddybears-filled up a room. Can you imagine? So simple, so powerful! Looking forward to see more of your work Pernille, I expect it to turn out just as powerful.