Saturday, October 15, 2005

About my first pictures (Martina)

Hej everyone.

I were in a hurry when I posted my pictures. That's why I left out all information about them. I'll give you some now. The images in my previous post shows what I've been working on lately. Image no. 1 is an inspiration-picture, a detail of an old redpainted candelholder. The others show my own woodwork. I have mostly reused old un-painted wood that I've painted, then made the paint come off, painted again and so on.. The worn out look of my work is mainly fake. For the moment this consumer project is all about finding out more about my own relations to objects like some specific belongings of mine (the few ones I would hate to lose). But also objects in general. I chose to work with wood because I wanted a material where age/time/handling clearly can be seen and felt. I imitated (sort of) the "used look" simply to compare it with something authentic and to find out more about my attitude towards them. What I might do next is to take a closer look at old things vs. new things.

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paula lindblom said...

Hi Martina!
Would be nice to see your jewellerys in full size! May be on body...
Interesting things you are doing, look forward to see more about it and may be some inspiration things or may be the things you cut up and put togheter... I realy like your things... Keep on working! And thank you for puting in my inspiration images, text etc.