Monday, October 03, 2005

another image

this is piece of burned pine wood with melted plastic.


paula lindblom said...

Nice piece! I wonder what size the piece got? It would be nice to see it realated to the body... You seems to have fun when you are melting things together, it´s nice and fun to see. I got a lots of inspiration, I will also buy a airgun, and see what I can melt!
Keep on working!!!

5:30 PM

Marta Miguel said...

the piece has 2x3cm
one question I would like to incorporate paper in it but I don´t have any idea how to do it because with airhot the paper burnt,coluld you help me?


a question :
when do you decide, show the first part of the proyect?

paula lindblom said...

For the moment I have no idea how to put paper in and let it be left... I will think about it... May be you can add paper in the end?!
About when "I" or "WE" desied to talk and show galleries is a question for everyone who is in this project. I have send this blog site to Hnoss gallerie ( in Gothenburg/Sweden)and to Marzee etc. So people can see what we are doing... So you can send this site futher to!
Good luck with the jewellerystuff.