Tuesday, October 25, 2005

gila sayes hallo

hi everybody! better late than never! I think a lot about desires for material things. Nothing matches real powershopping, a nice kick, mabye the old hunters and collector instinct drives me and makes the blod run faster.
There is also another side of the collecter storie, how I/we store all the old things. The attig is a good place, you get the things out of side, you can get it back when you need it (instead of giving it up, you never know if it suddently could be usefull.. in a possible project ?)....the problem is unfortunatly that you gather so much that it makes it allmost impossible to find anything when you do need it again!
I saw this programe on the tv, about a woman in a former east european country. She had made a fortune in selling junk/scrap...the junkqueen she was called. I vondered ..how does a junkqueens crown look like? i think i try to answer that in my project!
Glad to see all the good things going on !

Bst rgds


paula lindblom said...

Hi Gila!
Finally you know how to use the blog! Interesting toughts. I agree, when you collecting things, and then you have so much things that you dont know where you put it etc. For me thats a big problem, I collect, put it in boxes and so on and later on I dont know what I got...I buy new "good - to - have - things" and when I come home I realize that I allready have it. Hm?!
Interesting to see what you come up with, about the garbageladys crown. Keep on working and show us later how it will ends up.

Anni Jonsson said...

Hi! Hope it's going well with the junkqueens crown/s! Looking forward to see more.

This is totally off topic but the thought that hit me while reading your post was that if it's possible to make a living -a FORTUNE- out of selling junk/scrap it should be possible to make a living out of selling whatever stuff.
Just had an exhibition (together with Martina), really fun and exiting, but I didn't sell a piece and got a bit disillusioned for a while.
I don't make my jewellery with selling it in mind, but at the same time if it doesn't sell there is less time for jewellerymaking, because I need to have another work also to pay the rent. I would love not to need any other work than jewellery! That's my dream/goal. Somehow the story about junkqueen gave me some hope. ;-) (Not saying my art is crap though!)