Thursday, October 13, 2005

My first pictures (Martina)


paula lindblom said...

I know what it is, but do the others know?!
Please tell us a little about what it is and how you are thinking.
Good to see you on the blogg!

Mar said...

yes, paula is right: what is it? may be old wood toys?
anyway, these photos are very nice. I like the photos of details.

Marta Miguel said...

Hi martina I´m courious because I hope it is a toy.
ei very nice the photos
take forces and keep on working

Martina Frejd said...

I intended to post some text along with the images, but I "ran out of time". Glad I did, because I liked to read your comments. Wood? Yes. Toys? No. Look out for my next post. With an explanation (Coming soon.