Friday, October 07, 2005

My first thoughts (Mar)

The first time I heard the name of this project, "Consumer society project", the idea of this concept that came to my mind automatically was not a positive one.
This project could simply be a criticism of our society, but on the other hand, we could treat it as a reflection or solution for consumerism.

What it is to consume:
1. to finish with something
2. to eat or drink something
3 to acquire

The action of consuming is an ambiguous one. People consume in order to acquire, but at the same time they empty something (like the supermarket’s shelf or the forest). This is a circle without shape, isn’t it?

Many sociologist have said that consumerism is the sickness of our day.
What are people fooling themselves into thinking they are buying, only necessities?
The accumulation of unnecessary objects is something without sense.
Although the best solution to solve this problem would be to understand or think about what we really need, recycling being a good example of how to go against it.
Recycling does not mean only to transform the rubbish, it also means to reproduce something that is just as useless. Or there is another current verb more appropriate for our work: customise. To customise is what we can do with our old stuff; change their image or their function.

So, dear jewellers, why are we looking for new materials to work with? Perhaps our grandmother’s, our neighbour’s, or our friend’s jewels can be materials themselves waiting for a transformation.


Marta Miguel said...

Hi Mar ,a good and nice reflexion.
I´m going to see my neighbour....
would you like to think about the place where we can send this information?

well, keep on working, and which material do you think to work with it?

Mar said...

Hi Marta!
No, I haven't think about the material because my idea is to use old jewels as a material. Just costumise it!
And the place where we can send information about the have more contacts than me. But you know we can write a nice text in spanish to informate the places what is the project about,don't we?

paula lindblom said...

Now we are talking!
I agree, why should we create new things, when we got a lots of ready made things in our surroundings?!
I agree with you Mar and Anni, dig where you stand…
But I also like the idea of Marta, to melt the things down and see what’s coming up. For the moment I just want to melt down everything that I have, just to KILL YOUR DARLINGS!
Now I’m on my way out of town, to work in the countryside with handicapped children this weekend, so for the moment I drop this, all thoughts that I have about this project, because it’s a lots of thoughts.
So keep on working and it would be nice if you contact people down there for some kind of show in the further!
Have a nice weekend!
And at last, now we definitely are on our way to some interesting things!

Martina Frejd said...

Hej Mar! This word "customise", I don't really know what that means. I'm thinking of custom-made; something made specially to fit one person (only). But what about customise? Please explain it to me:)