Tuesday, October 04, 2005



paula lindblom said...

Welcome Mar!
Where is your text? Photos of what you are doing and who you are, and so on.
It would be nice to see! If you got problem with sending photos to the blog, may be you can send it to Anni or Marta by e-mail, and they may be are nice and help you?!
I don´t know how to pu in photos by my own in this hightech world... A little bite sad, but with nice and friendly friends it will be done on some how.
Keep on working and use the blog for communication!

Marta Miguel said...

Hi paula I said the same to Mar.
Now I talked with her and she is going to try again to post information

see you

another thing
Do you know hipotesi,here in BCN ,it´s a jewellery contemporary gallery
we talk about to show the blog more later .
another posibility is FAD
tomorrow there will be the inaguration of KORU an exhibition with suomi jewellery

good we keep on working

paula lindblom said...

I have never heard about Hipotesi. But you can may be give the blog address to theme?! It´s nice if we send it to all kind of people, so people out of this project can take part.
Have you come up with some idea about melting paper into the plastic jet? I wounder if its possible to lay some copper or other metal over the paper, so the metal takes the heat...May be may be not...