Sunday, October 16, 2005

Inspiration images (Paula)

Some more inspiration images…For the moment I have a lot of ideas about what I want to do… (Or may be some kind of idea anyway…)I have collected pieces of graffiti paintings in a legal graffiti area hearin Gothenburg. (Röda Sten). I think this is interesting pieces, because it’s both nature and culture init, and its many peoples work in one small piece. The graffiti is also somekind of comments to the society we live in, there the public room is filledup with commercial adverting posters etc. everything in the public room whotell us how we gone live, what we need to buy etc. I think that graffiti is a good comment of the society, I don’t know if Ialways like it, but it’s still some kind of reflection of who is running thepublic room and why…Also that people who painting graffiti want to bee seeing… To be a part ofthe society, in some how…I have also try to melting down my hair shampoo caps, just to see what’shappened…I like to melt it down, but I don’t want to melt it so you can’t see what itis, that’s not my point of view. I want that people and my self couldrecognize what it is in the beginning…I will work further with this to things, the graffiti and the hair shampoocaps. I will put these things into the jewellery world.I have collected hair shampoo caps and other plastic caps to, because Ithink the have interesting shapes, and they have been used to somethingbefore I clean them up…Every product in our society is selling a lifestyle more than it’s a goodproduct that you actually needs. That’s an interesting point of view Ithink… Everything is about life styles, who you want to be???After my trip to South Africa and the Cape Town I will finish my jewelleriesfor this project, now I’m just collecting interesting things, ideas,thoughts etc.


Anni Jonsson said...

HELLO! Now when I've seen youre piecie of scrap-grafitti in real life they really interests me!
The picture doesn't show how strong they are.

They are fragments of people screaming "This is me! I exist! See me!" fused into one piece of unrecognizable undefined leftover.

But maybe it's hard to work with them... they are kind of ready as they are. Or how do you see it?

Are you having any plans for them at the time beeing?

paula lindblom said...

Some times you have to see things alive, so you can imagen how strong they are... I really like this graffiti pieces, and I hope that I can do something about them. Firts I thougth that I would saw them in different symbols, but every time I look at them, I think exactly the same way that you are saying, they are nice and strong pieces in them self. I´m really glad that I found them! And may be in the end I can use them on a good and interesting way. Now they are resting here in my home...
I like your comments; "They are fragments of people screaming "This is me! I exist! See me!" fused into one piece of unrecognizable undefined leftover". Thank you for this words! I think I will use this words further on, if it´s ok?!

Anni Jonsson said...

Ofcourse you can! :-)